March 16, 2009

Princess Aurora would’ve never woken up if she knew she was going to be treated so badly

So, I realize that not everyone is as excited about my child’s bathroom habits as me and possibly MeMac, therefore, you might want to stop reading because this post is dedicated entirely to potty training.

We have officially started potty training Addison. About two weeks ago, I thought it was time to stop messing around with it. We weren’t being very proactive about the whole thing. The Pull-Ups are just another form of a diaper for us. So, I got out our 4 pack( Laugh now, you mothers that know better) of Princess panties, complete with Princess Aurora, Cinderella, Snow White, and Ariel. We had gone through the entire 4 pack by lunchtime. She would scream “NO!!” when I asked if she needed to go to the bathroom and then immediately go in her Princess panties. I even took her to Wal-mart and let her pick out some more Princess panties, because, let’s face it, 4 pairs, just ain’t cuttin’ it. Our underwear selection now branches out to Jazmin and Belle as well as the other Princesses. After a couple of days of constantly washing Princess panties, I realized, maybe she was not really ready.
A couple of nights ago, John just started putting her on the potty before her bath and she goes tee-tee every time. Yesterday morning, she even went poo-poo in her pink potty! YAY!! I was so ecstatic. She ended up going pee-pee in the pink potty 3 times yesterday and poo-poo once. I wish someone would dance around me and give me high-gives and M&M’s every time I went to the bathroom in a pink potty. Life would be so much better.
Sometime yesterday afternoon, Addison stopped refusing the Pull-Ups and wanted only to wear her Princess panties again.
Poor Cinderella never saw it coming. Addy went tee-tee all over her, but the good news is, she was able to stop when she realized she was peeing on herself and came and got me to go the pink potty.
She went in the pink potty again this morning and refused the Pull-Up, so I guess we are back to the Princess Panties. I would like to publicly apologize to Jazmin, Aurora, Cinderella, Snow White, Belle, and Ariel for what my little red-headed daughter is going to do to you in the coming weeks.
I promise, it will wash out.

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