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*Bad Blogger Alert!!!*

I have been MIA for close to a week, I know all of you have been worried. Okay, you’re right, my sister said, “You need to step it up, sista!” Granted, it’s partly her fault that I have been so busy. I did my first photo session with her boys and the three cousins.

I barely survived to tell the tale. That was Thursday afternoon, and then we had the Fish Fry at church and Addison ran around the tables screaming with her squeaky shoes. She ran up to random people(Thank God it was church!) and crawled into their laps and I’m sure talked their heads off and they had no idea what she was saying. But she certainly got Mrs. Harding’s attention when Addison started picking her nose and attempted to wipe it on Mrs. Harding and she had to do a quick head bob to keep from getting slim-ed.

I have never been more proud. I mean, really, what mom doesn’t jump for joy when her eldest daughter tries to wipe boogers on a fellow church member?

Anyway, and then Friday, I realized(great mom alert, right here) that Claire hadn’t pooped in 3 days. So,I felt I might want to call the doctor about that. They wanted me to try to take her temperature rectally and if that didn’t work in a couple of hours to give her 1/2 of a glycerin suppository. Guess where McMommy was at 11:30, Friday night? In Wal-mart purchasing suppositories for my youngest daughter and in case you were wondering, the smallest container that I could find was 100 suppositories. So, if anyone needs one, come to me first. I have plenty to spare. Anyway, it worked. She pooped. A LOT.

Jana ended up coming a visiting us Friday afternoon, and we had a good time catching up. I love getting to spend time with my girlfriends. We went out to dinner with Joseph and Tracie for John’s birthday in Birmingham Friday night. We went to Sumo and it was awesome! John ordered some of the best sushi!

Saturday was John’s birthday and it was an all day affair. We ate lunch with one of John’s college room mates, Murray and his fiance Callie and then everyone took a nap. Except for me. but I am not bitter about it. I would never be bitter about the fact that I had to clean the house up while every one else got to take a family nap together. Nope. Not Me. We went to dinner at Connor’s in Huntsville for John’s birthday dinner with his family. My mom graciously offered to watch the girls so we didn’t have to take them. It was so nice! We went back and had birthday cake at our house after dinner, and it was so good!

Then Sunday was, of course, Easter Sunday and we ran from Grandparents house to Grandparents house to visit and hunt Easter eggs. BoomPa and GiGi stopped by that evening to give the girls their Easter presents. Addison loves spending time with them!

Monday, I went to the new gym and enjoyed a nice workout! It felt so good to get back on the elliptical machine. I forgot what a good friend it was. I am hoping to shed the last 10 pregnancy pounds and maybe a few extra! Ha! I worked on editing the Hinson pics yesterday and today and I think I finally got them done. Yay! So, anyway, hopefully, I am back. I hate to leave you guys wondering if you should send out a search party since I haven’t been around.

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