October 20, 2009

Tailgating with the Tide

I finally remembered to actually take pictures of the tailgate this weekend! We always have such a great time, and this weekend was no disappointment. We got in town ready to go eat at Nicks in the Sticks and it was already an hour and a half wait at 5:45! So, we ended up at the Iguana Grill, which is still good, but it’s not Nicks.
John’s dad made some Bloody Marys at my request and they were just as amazing as I remembered. ( he makes the best bloody mary. ever.)

John nailing the stakes into the ground

John and Linda watching to make sure he was doing it right

Each side of the tent says something different.

Jay and Brandon playing “cornhole”- which I totally suck at, but I DID make 3 cornholes so Brandon and I spanked John and Brooke

Lucky dogs- Bryant and Jay get to scoot around on this awesome golf cart.

Bryant and John give the tailgate a “thumbs up”

What happens when the generator runs out of gas? Well, the tent collapses in about 15 seconds and I grab my camera and take pictures.

Odie helping John put some more gas in the generator.

It was an awesome Homecoming weekend for the Tide. We had a great time and beat South Carolina 20-6. It was super cold, but worth it. :) If anyone is going to be heading to the Alabama vs Tennessee game, we will be setting up across from the Quad next to the President’s Mansion. We would love to see you!

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  1. tailgating and bloody mary's are my two favorite things to do/drink. yum! sounds like fun!

  2. Rachel, I stumbled upon your blog through 20something bloggers, and as I was reading I realized "I know her in real life!" (well kinda)This is too random, but I work at New Creations and I remembered seeing you guys in there before. Anyway, you, your girls and your blog are too precious! :)Hope you have a wonderful week!

  3. Don't know if you love the Tide or the houndstooth better. :)

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