Forgotten Pictures

Saturday John took Addison to the Alabama football game and I stayed home with Claire and undertook the task that was laundry( which took, literally, 8 hours to finish) and cleaning our dirty house. I also was able to go through and organize and edit some pictures that I haven’t had to the time/forgot that I had until I was going through and deleting a bunch.

SIDE NOTE: I went through and backed up my entire iPhoto library of 2009 and deleted them out of iPhoto because I needed to space on my computer and since iPhoto “talks” to Facebook, when I deleted them off of my computer, they also got deleted from FB. I WAS SO PISSED. Now, I have a bunch of albums that have NO pictures on my FB. I officially hate iPhoto now.

Anyway, I came upon some pictures that I took earlier this year and I finally got around to doing a little editing on them and I thought I would share it with you! They are not the greatest pictures in the world, but they are my girls and their expressions are totally them!

We were doing the “airplane” game,which is one of Addison’s favorites.

Claire looks petrified!

These are from our weekly Sunday morning breakfasts at the All Steak.

Why are children so MUCH more precious when they are sleeping?

This is her, “I know I did something bad and I’m really sorry, Mama” face. Adorable!

What do you think? I was totally playing around with the editing and not sure if I LOVE them, but I find it SUPER hard to delete pictures of my princesses.

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  1. That first pic looks like its old fashioned. So cool!

  2. I LOVE the pic of Addison playing airplane… ADORABLE!!! Maybe one day you could try that editing effect on a pic of my boys?? Hhmmm, maybe?!
    God's blessings sis! Sarah :D

  3. These are awesome! You are so talented at this!

  4. those look like magazine ads. absolutely perfect! especially loving the chubby baby hand pic. ohh!

    having said that, 8 hours of laundry?!?! holy hells! you are super mom!

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the first picture of Addison! And i totally love the vintage feel!! One day I want some of my pictures edited like this.

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