December 29, 2009

A Movie Date.

I realize that I have yet to blog about the holidays, but John was sick on Christmas, and I didn’t take a whole lot of pictures. BUT I wanted to share this with you. Since I am off from my job that pays bills( AKA the Pain Center) and Addison is out of school, I have wanted to soak up every little bit of cuddliness with the girls.

I have been wanting to take Addison to see The Princess and the Frog and was looking at show times yesterday. There was one at 2:50, but I worried that it would interrupt her nap time, so I didn’t say anything about it. As luck would have it, she woke up at 2:00 and was a MAJOR cranky pants, so I asked her if she wanted to go see it. We had a mini battle over clothing but she scooped up her drink and her Princess Tiana doll and was good. We dropped Claire-bear off at MeMac’s house and off the the “movie show” ( that’s what Addy calls it) we went. We got there right at 2:50, which was good b/c I didn’t want to try to wrestle her too much before the movie. She wanted to sit in my lap and was immediately entranced in the previews.( Which, by the way, Disney had way too many of. HELLO? Everyone seeing this movie is under the age of 10, so let’s keep the previews under 25 minutes.. Thank You!) There weren’t a lot of people in the theatre which was good b/c she kept screaming out, “It’s blue!” or “Look! Disney World!” but she was in good company, because so did the other little girls. The story was very good, but had some scary parts in it. At one point, she was kind of crying and hid her face in my shoulder. What do you DO when one of the characters dies?!!!? Hello, Disney?!!? What was that about?!!? A 3 year old doesn’t understand that the bug is going to Heaven to be with his Evangeline. The music was great, but I am so glad to have this memory with her. I sat there cuddling her, as she clutched her Princess Tiana doll and watched her very first Princess movie on the big screen. She kept turning around and kissing me on the cheek and rubbing my cheek. She is so sweet and loving, most of the time. Her innocence is so incredible to watch.
My Grandmother always talks about taking me to see my first Princess movie, The Little Mermaid and how I cried and I can’t help but think, “Aww… Addison cried at her first Princess movie, too!”
The music was fantastic too! I highly recommend taking any little girl that has a Disney Princess obsession. They will love it!

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  1. does "any little girl" have an age limit? because i'm pretty obsessed with disney movies and princess and all that jazz.

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