March 27, 2010

All I want to do is a ma zoom zoom zoom and a boom boom…

Just shake ya RUMP! This morning I ventured out into the cold for the Rumpshaker 5K. In case you didn’t know, March is Colon Cancer awareness month. Parking was kind of an issue. They had to delay the race because it was so bad. Plus, it was colder than I expected. So, shorts and a t-shirt didn’t really cut it! I ran with my best friend, Jana and her sister Haley, who is a super runner. I knew I probably wouldn’t be able to hang with them b/c Haley is a super runner! Anyway, about 200 yards into it, there was a hill and I was progressively getting behind them, until finally Jana turned around and waved. Ha! I always forget how hard the transition is from treadmill to road and it was kicking my tail. My legs were going numb b/c of the cold and wind-which was killer! I had to stop at one point and take off my shoe to adjust my sock b/c it was cutting circulation off. I was extremely happy to find a water station about halfway through. The course itself, was relatively flat, but nothing to look at, since it ran through not the greatest part of Birmingham. Jana and Haley came back through to run the last little bit with me and informed me that Jana tried to outrace a walk/runner with the name “Goose” on the back of his shirt, so she sprinted the last bit and as she crossed the finish line, she vomited in her hands. But, she beat “Goose” so, I guess it was worth it? I finished around 34 minutes and Jana was around 28 and Haley at 27- good thing I didn’t try to hang with those two!
Lots of Goodies and two free t-shirts… so you can’t beat that!
Me and Jana-Post Race
Jana and Haley-Post Race
Jana, Me, and Haley- Post Race
After the race, we went to check Jana and Mark’s new house  that they bought, but haven’t moved into yet. It’s super cute, just like Jana!

All in all, it was a great Saturday!

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  1. Hooray for finishing another great run. I'm super proud of you! :) I love the pic of Jana at her new house. She is too cute!!!
    God's blessings sis,
    Sarah :D

  2. Way to go!!!!! What a memorable day!

  3. hehe, love the SOLD picture! What a fun day.

  4. you are awesome, lady! pretty sure i dont love running enough to vomit fot it. :)

    lets do the skype closet cleanout soon!

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