April 20, 2010

A-Day and Happy Birfday to MEE!!!

Saturday, we loaded up the kiddos after a rocky morning, and headed to what we like to call, “God’s Country”.. Tuscaloosa. Alabama’s A-Day game was Saturday and we don’t miss an excuse to get down there. I think he was over being mad at me for my mini-meltdown. 
Look at all the peeps!
Apparently, Aaron’s said they would dress up their race car in whatever teams colors that won the National Title game, in the infamous words of the tag we saw on the way down there… “RowTid”
Man alive, I LOVE this place.. do you think they would mind if I built my house right here?
Uncle Jay with Addison
Ladies, he is single!!!
Claire has felt this way for a few days now…
Addison loves her some Dreamland sweet tea.. “ain’t nothin’ like ‘em nowhere!”
Claire meeting PJ Fitzgerald… Alabama’s former punt returner

Seriously.. their outfits are to die for. I can’t handle it. 
MeMac wanted a picture with both granddaughters.. unfortunately, it’s this one or Addison picking her nose.
91,000 of my closet friends…
Addison always enjoys the food in the Zone… some Roll Tide Trail Mix
There isn’t an Alabama game complete with a view through MeMe’s binoculars
Seriously, kid, this face? I’ll give you whatever you want…
“Claire.. where is your tongue?”
Mama and her girls!! Thanks Daddy for remembering to snap it!
Every girl needs some houndstooth shoes, right?

In other news, today is my 26th birfday. I am seriously having a HARD time getting older. I started crying the other night thinking about it. I just can’t handle it. I still feel 16 years old sometimes. How am I responsible for 2 children? Aren’t I am irresponsible teenager still?
Sunday night we celebrated my birthday with the McPhillips b/c they are going out of town for two weeks to the beach. Yes, I am jealous. We went to Stix and I had some delicious sushi. Jay, Joseph, and Tracie thought it would HIGHlarious to embarrass me with the people singing to me in Japanese and I was thoroughly embarrassed. Especially since I was standing up talking to them and they burst out laughing. I guess I know what it’s like to have brothers now! John and Linda got some running socks and a an awesomely awesome sports bra. Thanks for looking at the list, MeMac! :)

Last thought, I am thinking about doing a blog makeover and changing the name… what do you think of Houndstooth and High Heels? Yay or Nay?

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  1. happy birthday, darlin!

    i love all of these pics.

  2. happy happy birthday!!!

    love all the photos and your love for your team!!!!

    with that being said…GO BUCKEYES!!!


  3. Hope you have a fabulous birthday!

    Not a fan of the Tide myself, but growing up in the SEC I certainly understand. : )
    There's nothing like football in the South.

  4. So I already told you happy birthday today, but you can't hear it to many times on your special day so HAPPY BIRTHDAY, friend!

    I say NAY! Not because I'm not a fan of the Tide, but because I'm in love with McMommy Diaries. I think it's precious. However, you have a way of making anything cute, so I'm sure if you decide to not take my advice your blogs will still rock!

    Have a great day friend! Don't worry about getting older…just think of all the memories made and great stories you can tell that have taken place in your 26 years!

  5. Happy birthday!! Looks like a fabulous day. You have a beautiful family!

  6. I love the adorable pic of you and the girls. Their outfits turned out too cute!
    Love & God's blessings,
    Sa Sa :D

  7. Looks like a great day!!!! Happy Birthday!!!

  8. I can totally relate to the getting older thing. I just turned 27 in February, but I keep telling myself that I'm still 25… I sometimes feel like a teenager too! But then I have to snap back to reality and tell myself that I am not THAT young anymore but I'm not necessarily old…..yet. It's kind of depressing, but oh well… It's life.
    Those Alabama outfits are the cutest!! I almost bought those same houndstooth shoes for my little girl. But I decided against it because I figured we could wait until football season.

  9. shush it! i don't want to hear it. you're 26. i'm 28. you're still a youngsta! and look how cute you are!!!

    great photos. i feel like i was there!

    oh and ps.


  10. Just found your blog and love it!! I'm an Alabama girl at heart. Born in Gadsden, AL. But I have to admit I'm Auburn fan through and through :) I'm also 26 and turn 27 in June!! Definitely still feel like I'm 18. What happened to the time? Your girls are beautiful!

  11. I want those shoes!

  12. Those are the cutest outfits I have ever seen.

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