April 26, 2010

Birthday Swag

My birthday was good to me, people. Like, real good. Turning 26 might have been traumatic for me, but atleast it came with good presents!!
My mom and step-dad got me my camera bag(SCORE!) and an apple green Nike running tee. This is the Jill E Medium dark pink bag. It’s fabulous. It holds my camera body, both lenses, and has room for either another lens or a flash-which will be my next purchase. It has all kinds of pockets for EVERYTHING and even a little purse to hold fun stuff. 
Even though John wasn’t supposed to get me anything because my real birthday present was running at Disney. Plus, my new camera and two lenses, AND a new computer- I think I had enough new stuff and REALLY tried to put my foot down, but John said he couldn’t let me NOT open anything on my birthday. ( Seriously people, he is part of the reason I am so spoiled. I love him and you cannot have him!)
I love me some Life Is Good pj bottoms!
I don’t know if you are ready for all of the Nike swag. I really hope someone had some Nike stock, b/c my birthday could’ve made your house payment. 
PS My photography skills were lacking due to the fact that Desperate Housewives was coming on and I wanted to watch
Here is heaven wrapped up in a running sock. The Thorlo padded cushion socks and like clouds surrounding your feet while you run.
I got three new single running shirts( PS I’m ADD and group things together)
I am LOVING the apple green- I need the matching tempos! Dear Nike- this Hot Red color is Fabulous!
IN LOVE with this neon green and graphite!
Matching Hot Pink? Yes, please~!
JoJo and Tracie showed up with the fabulous blue and black. Me Likey.
I don’t know if you are familiar with a lot of the Nike stuff, but they have these little tabs to keep your ear bud cords from bouncing around. Fabs!
Seriously good swag… this brings me up to NINE pairs of Nike Tempo shorts. Be jealous!

My friend Jennifer who just had multiple babies got me the cutest red picture frame and a decorative “M” houndstooth towel. I love friends because I have the best ones!! My sis got me a rocking Tervis Tumbler (You know how I love those!) and some money that she specified for my new camera strap from Phat Straps. Which will be here in a couple of weeks!

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  1. I don't even run yet I totally want to run out to buy a pair of those shorts. Gorgeous running gear!
    God's blessings,
    Sarah :D

  2. CUTE!!!!! and so fun!!!! i need some running shorts!!!! and these may just have to go on the list! i love the pink and the yellow ones!!!

    you made out well lady!!! totally!

  3. WOW girl. That is a shart ton of stuff! LOVE those green and gray shorts. I don't have any official running clothes. Sad, huh? I'm going shopping.

  4. bwahhhh!!! you don't even know…i love nike swag! i seriously do. although i hate nike shoes (they don't work for me), nike gear is the bomb diggity and super pimp.

    yup. you're super pimp now :)

  5. You got some great stuff!!!! Happy Birthday!

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