May 5, 2010

First Day at the Pool

Last night, we had a horrible night. It was one of the nights that I have long forgotten how bad they really are. Claire woke up around 11 and basically screamed and was awake for the next two hours. She woke Addison up and somehow they both ended up in our bed, which had never happened before. And even though I would say we were all snuggled in our bed, I think the only people who are happy about it where Addison and Claire. Claire woke up around 4:00 am and John went and put her back in her bed, without a PEEP. 
But, I digress. 
Yesterday, mom called and said that her pool was open, and asked if we wanted to come over and swim. After naps, we went over and Addison had a blast. We had to pull her out because she was shivering and turning blue.  
How cute is that little belly? I just want to kiss it!
Nanny came out and asked if the girls would like a snack as she had brought an apple and a banana. I told her that Claire wouldn’t eat that banana(since she hasn’t eaten a banana in approx. 8 months). Guess what? She devoured it.
She would stuff her little cheeks as full as she could!
She would grab Nanny’s hands if they got too far away with the snack.
Nanny made her share a bite with Addison
Seriously. In. Love. With. This. Face.
She does this thing where she licks one finger.. so cute.
Her mouth is so full with banana she couldn’t keep her lips closed.
Practicing her kicking.
I love the lazy day promises of the Summer!
When I picked Addison up from school today, they informed me, of course, no nap but that she was in time out 5 different times for hitting her friends. Not really sure if it was because of the night we had or what. But I’m not really sure how to discipline this. Normally, we spank( don’t judge!!!) but it just doesn’t seem right to spank for hitting. Ya know? If anyone has any suggestions, let me know!

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  1. I love this post!! Such great shots at the pool! I love the baby feet with the pool in the background. Sooo adorable!! I hope you have a better night tonight, and good luck with the hitting thing. I've got nuthin' for ya.

  2. The photos are great! :)
    I forgot to tell you this little parenting tidbit I heard yesterday. The mother of a very strong willed child (like Addison) found that spanking didn't work anymore. So wanna know what that mother carries in her purse to discipline her child?? Tabasco Sauce!!! She carries a tiny bottle of Tabasco Sauce with her and sprinkles it on her child's tongue as punishment. The craziest part? It works!
    Crazy crazy I know, but I had to share it with you!
    God's blessings sis,
    Sarah :D

  3. I've never quite understood the spanking for hitting either. Seems like an oxymoron. We've always done time outs or simply taking away privelages. The older they get, the better that works. You'd amazed at what the boys will do to play more PS3.

    And I love her little mono'd bikini. I wish I could pull that look off.
    And those cheeks- adorable. I just want to grab them.

  4. Great shots!!! I wish I could look that cute in a bikini :). Yeah for summer!!!

  5. ooooh it looks so warm where you live. I.AM.JEALOUS! Gorgeous weather….we have snow still. :(

  6. ooh wee! look at that body!!!

    OMG these pictures are so good! talk to me though…what kind of cam do you use? any special add ons? i really need to start getting pro with my nikon

  7. The girls are sooo cute. Looks like you have some water babies on your hands!

  8. i am with mayra…WHAT camera do you use?!?! it looks like i am right there with you!! gorgeous photos!!

    those baby feet!!!! those banana stuffed cheekers and the one finger lick! and the red hair!! i am dying your girls are so adorable!

    cannot wait to spend my days at the pool!

  9. look at those cute feetsies! her belly is so freakin cute. and addisons red curls. love them!

    you don't want discipline tips from me. i have an out of control 2 year old that is giving me grays. :)

  10. Seriously Rach, these pics are over the top! My favorite would have to me Claire grabbing Nanny's hand and stuffing that banana in her mouth just as far as she could get it. So sweet!

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