May 17, 2010

This Girl…

I have been pretty MIA lately and I apologize. The girls have been keeping me busy and while I have taken quite a few photos, there aren’t enough hours in the day to allow for me to edit and trying to come up with something that doesn’t resemble garble for the blog. 
My little Addison has been through some behavioral problems in the last couple of weeks at school. I’m not sure what is going on, but I think we finally got it cleared up. She has been picked on a lot, and I have to wonder if she finally started standing up for herself with resulted in going to time out 5 times in ONE day for hitting. It was a rough week for us. 
BUT, she never ceases to amaze me with some of the things she says and does, and here is a post completely dedicated to my first born. 
Her “tricks” as she calls them are becoming more and more bold and “dangerous” as she calls them, but it is stunning to watch her teach herself how to do hand stands, rolls, jumps, and her new attempt at a front walkover. The girl has never had any gymnastics training and I feel we could have a future Olympic Gold Medalist gymnast on our hands. She is so petite for her age, she weighs about 35 lbs, which is pretty thin, but she eats ALL THE TIME and never stops jumping. Her legs are ridiculously muscular. 
Some of her new sayings include: 
” My panties are getting too close to my butt.” Which means, she has a wedgie.
One of my favorites is, “What woo say?” Like, she just can’t believe what you have just told her and she MUST hear it again.
“Don’t do that Mama or am I going to give you a BIG tear up!” I have idea where she would’ve picked THAT one up… :)
Seriously.. Kid. I can’t take it. You are getting too big.
Yesterday, as we were driving, John said, “Oh look, there’s so and so( I don’t even remember who he saw)!” 
Addison, without missing a beat exclaimed, “Holla!”
She is obsessed with Lady GaGa right now, as well as the Zac Brown Band. Her favorites are Paparazzi and Telelphone and ZBB’s Sic ‘em on a chicken( do not play this for your children, it’s the most redneck thing I have ever heard and now I must listen to it on command.)
We have started working on Yes Ma’am and No Ma’am– hello? It’s the South, we have manners, people!
She also loves Alice in Wonderland.. which, honestly, this child watches more movies that I never saw growing up. But, I guess it means, I get to enjoy them with her and nothing makes me more happy. She is really getting into wanting make-up and lip gloss is an absolute MUST for her. She loves snuggling with me in the mornings and getting to snuggle on the couch after Claire has gone to bed with Mommy and Daddy. She loves to watch Gossip Girl and Tori and Dean with me and LOST is a Tuesday night must-see for her. 
She definitely has that red head temper but can be so sweet and loving it will bring tears to your eyes. She always thanks you for the smallest things and tells me how much she missed me when I was gone( even if it’s just 10 minutes). 
I just can’t wait to watch her rock the world, but I REALLY don’t want her to grow up!

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  1. your girls are ADORABLE!!!
    great photos of addison! :)

    p.s. new follower, i'm your 100th! ;)

  2. What a sweeeet little red head! How was your race? I ran my first this weekend! woot!

  3. AWWWW…love this post!!! i have to say redheads are a kind unlike any other!!! definitely a little kick to their personalities!!!

    and get that gal in the gym now!! can't wait to see the gold in her future!!! :)

    and we are not "from" the south so the whole "yes ma'am / sir" "no ma'am / sir" thing was new to me and it still cracks me up that the ladies say it to everything…although i do LOVE it!!! so not complaining…hope they never lose their little southern infusion!

  4. such a fun post.

  5. She is such a cutie! Her panties getting close to her butt is hilarious.

    And being a Southern girl myself, ma'am is one of hte first things we taught the kids to say. My little one loves Lady Gaga & ZBB too! Is it wrong that I would get a kick out of hearing my then 2 year old sing Chicken Fried & a cold beer on a friday night? Or having Toes in water while rolling a big fat one? It was too funny not to laugh!

  6. She is beautiful and you can tell shes got a ton of sass with her hand on her hip :)

  7. She's adorable! And "holla?" Hilarious! The things they pick up!

  8. Very cool!

  9. She is ADORABLE!! I've always told you how pretty I think your kids are! Beautiful actually! She is growing up so fast. I remember when she was born. I'm in love with the picture where you are focused on her feet and her face is blurry. Please do that with Taylor when you take her pictures next. You're a FANTASTIC momma and your kids are living proof. I love you and them!

  10. I love these pictures! so gorgeous

  11. She is just so adoreable!

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