June 5, 2010

Birthdays and Such

I guess it takes being a vacation to get me to blog about things that are a month old, but, oh well. My nephew Joseph, who just turned 14, and my sister both have birthdays during the month of May. 
Joseph’s birthday was first, but John seems to think it was second. 
No birthday party is complete without pizza.
or lipgloss.
Claire thinks she sees something outside, but it’s just a dog.
My Grandpa… he always sits in this chair at Moms, with an Alabama shirt one, which is weird, since I’ve never known him to know a score of a game. Unless it’s the Braves.
Sarah had some technical difficulties getting the candles lit.
Go Bearcats.
That Aunt Rach.. she’s a practical joker with black icing.
Bill… we don’t normally let him in pictures.
Sarah’s birthday was just a couple of weeks ago. She got overshadowed since she happened to be born on the date of the LOST series finale. 
Claire enjoyed her pizza from Sa Sa’s birthday.
The Birthday Girl is fashionably late.
James… I think he is my apprentice for photography.
You can’t let these two out anywhere together.
Addison loves to help open presents.
James charm that he picked out for his Mama.
Sarah thinks that black suede and leather are appropriate summer shoes.
She also has a good appreciation for raffia tied bows.
Oh James. I have a kindred spirit in him.

I think they had some good birthdays. As they are always filled with love and cake.

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  1. I bet John and Andy are a hoot together…

    That picture of John and Andy is somewhat disturbing to me since John's tongue looks like it belongs somewhere else.

  2. Thanks for the post, I think! ;>
    Here are my thoughts:
    1. Didn't Kala do a FABULOUS job on the cake? One word, GORGEOUS!
    2. The photo of Joseph with the black icing is too entertaining. Check out what's going on in the background. James is wiping more icing on Joseph's face and I'm grabbing his hand!
    3. FInally, in my defense I scored those Danskos for a tremendous deal AND they're only for me to wear when I have to sport closed toes shoes. You know, like once a month at the hospital. :) Plus I think they'll be perfect with black tights this fall!
    Thanks for documenting our special days. I love how your great photos tell a story!
    God's blessings sis,
    Sarah :D

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