June 18, 2010

Girls Night Out…

I have found that in my grown up years, there is nothing more that can make you feel good as a good ol’ girls night out. Take a couple of your best girls, add dinner and a movie, and you just can’t beat it. After finally working out everyone’s hectic schedules we able to scoop a couple of gals together to go see Sex And The City 2. 
There is a difference now to getting ready. It’s called children. And children, don’t want you to have these GNO’s. Addison followed me into my bathroom to get ready and proceeded to whine, “But Mama! I don’t want you to go eat dinner and a movie! I want you to stay here with me!” 
But, I’ll tell ya, my little Addison is a sucker for make-up. So, I put the finishing touches on mine, I looked to her and asked her if she would like some make up for that night. She perked up. I normally, never let her just play in my make-up. I will put on whatever she picks up, but I don’t let her have at it, like a Picasso painting. But I remembered one of the greatest memories of my childhood was when my Mama let me play in her make up before bed. Since she worked the night shift, she would let me put a little lipstick on or mascara and I really felt like Hollywood. I have probably started something that I will shortly wish that I didn’t, but for these 20 minutes, she was the happiest little girl. 
Checking out the damage
That is some serious concentration for putting on lipgloss.
This is a ritual in the McPhilly household… she thinks she is singing “Sing Sweet Nightengale” from Cinderella.
Hello… why do they let me out of my cage?
In a 3 year old’s mind, everything is always better with GLITTER.
She had a blast and I am glad I did it. I started a new tradition with her.
She then insisted that she dress herself… in a dress up skirt that she turned into a strapless dress and her Carrie Bradshaw high heels.  John said she looked like a hooker when he got home.
You’ll be happy to know that he didn’t take her to dinner like that… he did change her clothes, which I was afraid he wouldn’t.
Want to know a funny story? My dear friend, Brooke, who was in charge of finding the movie times, who was also, pretty sick last week. She looked at the movie times and saw that there was an 7:05 and an 8:05 movie. We ate dinner and got to talking with Jana, who joined us, and we headed to the movie around 8:00. We get there and go to get our tickets, and the 8:05 time isn’t showing up. Turns out, Brooke looked at the times on Thursday and the times changed on Friday. So, we ended up going back to Jana’s and just having girl time, which was much more fun than hanging out with Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte. 
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  1. LOVE GNO!! Especially when it is your own little girly! Looks like you had tons of fun! My girly used to use her dress-up skirts as dresses, too … I think I got the hooker comment a couple of times from m husband as well. I don't know how they walk in those darn heels at 3!!!

  2. You can tell by the enthralled look on her face just how happy this made her! Are we just hard wired to be girlie, or what? She'll probably remember this always, just like you did. What a fun memory for both of y'all!

  3. Oh Rach,
    Addison looks adorable! She looks just like you when you were her age. Remember the time we dressed up and modeled on Dad's RX7? Now if only she had a denim skirt and side ponytail! ;>
    God's blessings,
    Sarah :D

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