Addison started gymnastics on Monday night. It was kind of a last minute sign up, but I knew I just HAD to get her in. And, I guessed right. I was super nervous for her, because, well, this is a first step in being a big girl. Not a toddler. A little girl. I know we have to get her a leotard now. Maybe with a tutu. 
We signed up and we had to wait on our class to get called. She kept asking, “Why haven’t they called me yet?” Well. They finally did and she took to her teacher. Held her hand the whole time. 
They started on the balance beam, and she was the first one up. She raised her hand to go first. I was so proud.
They had to kick their legs up and try to meet the girls hand and Addison is moving her teachers hand so she didn’t have to kick as high.
Can you see her in the background? Teal shirt? She started climbing over everything after jumping the vault and everyone else in her class followed.
Waiting her turn for the trampoline.
I was such a proud Mommy. She has some real natural talent and a love at such a young age for gymnastics.
She kept getting in trouble for getting up on the bars without a teacher and doing flips. No instruction needed.
At the end of class, she got a bracelet and a stamp. It was LOVE. I had to take her out to the car kicking and screaming. I’m pretty sure she wants to live at gymnastics. On Tuesday morning, she woke up and asked,”Can I go to gymnastics after school?” And immediately broke down crying when I said it was just for Mondays.
I think she liked it. Hard to tell. 

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  1. Looks like she is loving it so far!!!

  2. um that looks like so much fun!!!

    i used to want to be a gymnast too but i only stuck to dance.

    keep her in there. it's a great way to keep her active.

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