August 23, 2010

FB drama… is it worth it?

So.. I’m not sure where to begin with this post, because it goes back a ways, and covers LOTS of drama, but the basic fact is, after I had Claire, a girl I went to HS friended me on FB and chatted and asked lots of questions about pregnancy and whatnot, and I answered them. Within a few weeks, it came out that FB was deleting and blocking pictures of women breastfeeding their children b/c they were offensive. So, I posted a picture of Claire breastfeeding… it wasn’t obvious, but she asked and I told her, and she went off on me on how offensive that was and how that should be between a mother and child. That debate is for another time and place. Anyway, she de-friended me. Months later, she friended me again and apologized for what she said.

Lately, I have noticed numerous status updates from this person about people talking about her, or her getting mad about people talking about her on FB, which, to me, seems to be unnecessary drama for yourself. If you’re constantly getting into with people, why have FB?

Well, let’s bring you to this past Friday. My friend Rebecca’s dad went on a bear hunting trip in Alaska. Her husband posted it on in FB and this girl, comments on how sad it makes her that someone who kill that animal. Which sparks an interesting debate. Which, John, being John, says something funny about it. And this person, makes a snarky comment.

I had enough. I messaged her, stating that I was tired of seeing her snarky comments about people all the time and she needed to get over it. She states that her comment wasn’t directed at my husband, but at her husbands family members ( who can’t see this bear album). Then, tells me I don’t have a right to jump all over her about what she posts on FB. I told her it was cool to be opinionated, b/c I am quite opinionated myself, but maybe not force her opinions on people since it creates unnecessary drama. But, keeps directing that her husband’s family dogs her on FB all the time. At this point, I have decided to drop the whole thing. She messages 6 more times before I reply.

I reminded her about the time she jumped all over me for the breastfeeding picture. She tells me that if I am not going to apologize then, that is between me and God. I told her I don’t apologize for how I feel and I’m not apologizing so, stop fishing for apologies. And that I was tired of reading about all of her bitching on FB every time I sign on.  Then, I block her. I figured that was the end. WRONG.

She apparently, has multiple FB accounts, and gets on one and e-mails me again.

Here it is.. copy and pasted. I swear, you can’t make this stuff up. Apologizes for the cursing.  I didn’t say it.

August 22 at 6:22pm
Ok, I’m not fishing for one so that’s fine. Your just acting big. You don’t have to read everything I say!!!!!!!!! And as matter of fact I don’t post about bitching!!!! My latest post was on my grandfather dying. I’m a very kind a wonderful nice person! But if you feel the need to tell someone that you are sick of them go right ahead. I don’t expect you to understand! And you are the one who started all this not me. I don’t message everyone I have an issue with. You had no right. Whatever I do is my business, you are not God. So as the same to you ignore it or delete me. As I see you already have! Way too go….

Ok so listen to me.. you have ALWAYS BEEN a sarcastic BITCH! same as your husband! You had no right to email me like that.. you could have just deleted me if you didn’t like what I was saying.. duh!!!! But here I go again you just wait.. No one whants to see your fucking breast on FB or myspace! That is a privacy thing… do you not understand that… that is why the have places to breastfeed and all. So just think before you put your private parts on the internet….. that is really my thinking.

Secondly.. I frankly don’t care what you or your friends think of me.. I’m done with Cullman.. and you keep just as much track ok me, you know it… Ok so you where born in Birmingham… BIG DEAL.. I bet that you havent traveled the world like I have.. or much less pretty much been outside of fucking alabama. You are from a very very very small town.. of which NOBODY CARES ABOUT. Im sure you are jealous.. a jealolus bitch. You may think its all about you.. but thats only in cullman.. Go anywhere else and people could give a shit.

Grow up, get a life, stop blogging all about YOURSELF ON YOUR BLOG.. no one really cares. And stop being sooooo mean and full of yourself like you are the damn queen of FB…. God always decides in the end and I’d be more than willing to bet that you are going to Hell b/c you cant forgive ANYONE, and b/c you are HEARTLESS!!! and stop beating your children for fuck sake!!!!!!

August 22 at 6:26pm
So… what would YOU gather from THAT???? Is the ability to be able to get in touch with old friends, really worth it? Or perhaps, people should be more selective of who they actually friend? 

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  1. WOWzers!!! I didn't get to read the whole thing. I am def starting to be more selective of who I accept friend requests from. I actually got one today from the brother of the 2 boys who raped me in High School. Considering it was 13 years ago & I am at a much better place in my life now, I sent him a message back saying that I had to decline at this time unless he was willing to disown his 2 brothers. I mean really, this numbers game of who can have the most friends is rediculous. We are grown ups. Don't push your issues on me. I have enough of my own! (If I go snooping in to it though, that's a different story :) Haha!)

  2. Whooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

  3. whoa…sounds like you're dealing with one crazy bitch. it's almost not worth arguing because obviously she will never let it go and will continue to email you via her many fb accounts. what an effin loser!!!

    you rock! good for you for standing up.

  4. I didn't read the whole thing, but I will tell you my experience and it changed "how" I accepted friends on FB. This guy I went to HS friend requested me. I readily accepted his request. We talked a few times and then it got ugly. I don't want to go into it, but I finally chose just to ignore it. I was talking to someone else about how much this guy had changed since HS and we both realized at once that whomever it was … it was NOT our friend. It was someone who obviously went to our HS (b.c he knew stuff that's not just random HS stuff), but it was NOT our friend.

    I wound up blocking this fellow and reporting him to the FB people. Nothing ever came of it, but I did send an email to his entire friend's list (he had about 20 friends and they were ALL my friends from HS).

    From then on out, ALL new accounts were "limited access" to what they could view. I chat with said new people for a while to determine if they are legit. Figured out right away most of the Atholes and Creeps always chatted right away and usually spoke fairly normal the first couple of chats and then their tone changed drastically. Well at that point, I could block them and they never really saw my profile (pictures or wall).

    Hope this helps.

  5. ahhh fb drama been there done that, but it was family, they are all deleted and blocked!!!

  6. Face it Rachel, you are just not a world traveler . haha. Sorry you had to go through this. You and your private parts . . .

  7. Wow…That's crazy. There's someone else that she did kind of the same thing too as far as the dramatic emails etc… And I read your blog and I've never seen anything that would ever make me think you "beat" your child. Her kid will grow be a sassy toddler and she might change her view on the whole spanking sometimes thing too. Just ignore it Rachel!

  8. I wonder if everyone blogged about her craziness that she would get the point and stop playing victim?

  9. First of all, Where on earth did she go to school?! Holy bad grammar and sentence structure! LOL

    Sounds like someone is jealous of YOU and has nothing better to do with their time? I'm sorry she went bat crazy on you! It's really sad that people can act like that and thinks its okay.

    FB drama or ANY kind of drama is just not worth it.

    You're the better person anyway :)

    Also, what ELSE are you supposed to blog about on YOUR blog?! LOL maybe she'll see this and see her big debut on it and shut her trap ;)

  10. Ok, so I don't know you…a friend sent me this–she's had similar problems, I think from the same girl! Hopefully,since the girl commented on how you "blog about yourself", will read this and feel honored that you blogged about her. HAHA

    Really though, she needs to grow up and get out of peoples business! She'd probably be a better person if she spent HALF as much time reading the Bible as she does downing people on FB. She seems to have major psychological problems because she's always having to put people down to make herself feel better! Oh, and why does she always make crazy accusations about mother's mistreating their children…maybe DHR needs to have a look at her!

    Sorry, I just had to comment…I'm tired of her torturing people with her negative comments. I hope she reads this…and then tries to say something to me "/C I CAN BE CRAZY MEAN AND (she) DO(es)N'T WANNA KNOW WHAT I HAVE TO SAY NEXT"

  11. I also don't know you, but have heard stories most likely about the same girl.

    If you have to SAY that you are a nice person, clearly you are not, and the only person you are convincing is yourself. And I like how she throws in quotes about God, when she obviously isn't a true Christian or she wouldn't be judging you or anyone else in the first place.

    I wish you luck, because a psycho like that can't just let something go. Too bad she can't channel all of that energy into raising her own child and staying out of the business of others. Good luck!

  12. The holiest of molie's!! Look at your new page! FANTABULOUS! I love it and you!!!

  13. That is just funny. She thinks highly of herself! Ha. I like your new blog design. I used to block people on FB,but then I decided I would jsut delete everyone I didn't like anyway. I am currently deleting people that have changed their name to something stupid such as, "Lady the Queen (insert last name)" Just use your real name for crying out loud!

  14. What a psycho- where would the world be without the crazies?
    I've been reading your blog for awhile, I really like the look of your new page!

  15. she is such a vag!!!! And she is U_G_L_Y she ain't got no alibi she's ugly yeah yeah she's ugly.

  16. That is absolutely hilarious. Does she really have nothing else to do but start FB drama?
    It must have been something in the water b/c I had my own last week to deal with. Still contemplating on whether or not to write about it. We'll see.
    And just my 2 pennies, but if you want to post a picture of your bare boob- it's your right. Knock yourself out.

  17. Good golly Pete that woman has something sure stuck in her craw!
    Delete her and move on. That bidness is NOT worth your time!

  18. omgoodness! she needs to grow up big time… coming from a 21 yr old. i act more mature than her! seriously for someone who claims to follow god she surely has extreme issues of her own that she needs to take up with god!

  19. That's all she is about! She has nothing better to do.

  20. Sigh. People like this girl wear me out.

  21. Wow! There are some strange folks in this world. Can I have her email so I can send her some of my boobie pictures of me nursing? Ha!

  22. Personally, I think she is bipolar. She goes from 'don't mess with me because I can be mean' to 'oh, pitiful me, I'm just human, forgive me, blah blah' over night. Seems like a sure sign of a psycho to me?

    And I find it funny that you/commenters on this blog are somehow subhuman for calling her all the same things she accused you of? Odd.

  23. Hello, can we say BIpolar?! Yes mam, I think we can… well at least those of us who can spell and/or use spellcheck can.
    Seriously, anyone that gets offended over an innocent baby being fed via a God-designed breast is the very definition of a nut case!!!
    I love you sis!
    God's blessings,
    Sarah :D

  24. Wow that lady took a crazy pill that day!

  25. I am way late to this party, and your blog, (sorry!), but I find it hilarious that she told you to stop talking about yourself on YOUR blog! Apparently she doesn't understand that if she doesn't like it, she doesn't have to look/read. It goes for the picture and your blog. But it also sounds like she thrives off of drama, so I guess she wont take that advice.

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