November 11, 2010


I ended up calling my OB/GYN yesterday and this is how the phone conversation proceeded:

Me: Hi! I’m a patient of Dr.F’s and I am having some problems. I started having cramps last night in my lower abdomen around my ovaries, and then proceeded to start throwing up. I haven’t thrown up today, but I am really hurting around my ovaries and was wondering if maybe I had a cyst to rupture? I would just like to talk to one of the nurses,please.”

Mean Lady: “Well, she is going to want you to come in. How is Friday afternoon?”

Me: I can’t do Friday. Is there anything sooner?

Mean Lady: Well then, can you do Tuesday? (In a snooty voice)

Me: *sigh* yes, Tuesday is fine. Am I still going to get to talk to a nurse today? Can someone call me back?

Mean Lady: Oh no. That’s not likely.

Uhhh okay. Please tell me, what is the point of having doctors if and when you have a FREAKING problem, you can’t get into see them that day? Please tell me how 6 days from now, this dr. appt is going to help me? This is ridiculous. I didn’t call to be cock blocked by some stupid receptionist. I wanted to talk to someone. To see what I can do to aliviate pain. I can’t even pick up my daughter b/c it hurts. Please tell me how this helps anyone?? Besides, when you go to these drs it’s an all day affair anyway.

But, I am already feeling better. Just a little sore and extremely bloated. I have a muffin top over my jeans. I prefer elastic waist pants today.

On a different note… My weight loss is going pretty well. I got down to 136.5 a couple of weeks ago, and the WW peeps decided I needed less points and I kind of fell apart. And got sick. And with the bloating, I am back up to 139. Which isn’t so bad. But I wanted to be 135 at Thanksgiving, and it doesn’t look like that will happen. Sad day.

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  1. Poor thing. Yes, those doctor visits take WAY too long. Praying for you to feel better soon!!

  2. So, a nurse didn't call you back? I wouldn't have accepted that. What a heffer!

  3. I am a nurse…an ER nurse :O) If you called me, I would say…come to the ER. We can do a quick ultrasound or CT and let you know what is happening and advise whether you need to follow up with your Dr on Tuesday. I would then dope you up with some IV pain meds and send you home with an RX for pain and nausea…with strict instructions to return if your condition worsens. See what a sweet nurse I am! No charge :O)

  4. I would have gone absolutely ape shit over the phone. I know you live in a small town, but is there another Ob/gyn you could visit? What about a Minor Medical clinic to save you from the ER?

  5. Im sorry Rachel. I work at an OB office and I would have called you back. Sounds like they need to get a better system…or a new receptionist.

  6. The receptionist shouldn't be telling you that a nurse won't call you back. Sounds like her being lazy and not wanting to relay the message. I'm sorry cysts suck! But in all honesty by Tuesday you will probably feel completely better. The fluid in a cyst is very acidic and when it ruptures it burns and irritates the surrounding tissues for awhile and slowly gets better. So you should hopefully start feeling better soon. I've been there too many times and I thought I was going to die one night. Feel better soon!

  7. Rachel! I can't believe this! I worked there forever and can't imagine who would have spoke to you like that. Granted, it has been almost 2 years since I have quit, and I am sure there are some new people there now. However, Dr.F is a really good about getting back to her pts quickly and I am sure she would not have been happy to hear about that!! Hope you continue to feel better…and sorry to hear about that!I would have been mad too!

  8. I can't believe this!! I hope you're not too horribly hurting now…and that it can all get better and fixed with the doctor.

  9. My #1 problem with doctor offices.. I HATE THAT!!! Hope you're feeling better!

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