November 30, 2010

Iron Bowl 2010

So.. The Iron Bowl was Friday. While, I may not want to talk about the actual game and how we handed Auburn the win, I WILL talk about the awesomeness that was our pre game sideline passes…I could have touched AJ McCarron.. too bad he couldn’t pull a win out of his booty. 

Why Hello Darius and Ezell!! 

Here is Part Uno of my Ode to Mark Ingram… I could have touched him. And his butt. 

His calves REALLY are that BIG!


John and his brother Jay( He’s single ladies… and works for the Crimson Tide Sports Marketing– good job, great sister in law… ;)

Me.. I could have totally rocked a microphone on the sidelines… Lemme at Tracy Wolfson…

She’s lucky I didn’t attack!!

Why yes, my husband did yell at her and she laughed.. and I took a picture.
It was a crazy awesome experience and I really wish I could bottle up the exhilaration of the 1st half… but, I cannot. But, I still love my Tide. We are NOT fairweather fans.. we love them no matter how they play. Win or Lose… the Tide is our third child. 
The End. And Roll Tide. 

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  1. Wootie woo!! I love being first!! It makes me entirely to happy… Anyway, the sideline pass experience looks AWESOME!!! And that picture of you is AMAZING. You look GORGEOUS!! I could so see you with that microphone in your hand! Maybe if photography doesn't work out that could be your next calling…although you ROCK at photography so maybe we should just leave well enough alone :) ok?!

  2. Girl, you look gorgeous! Even in houndstooth (eek). :) I'm jealous that you got to be so close on the field!

    Um…wow?!?! Bro is pretty cute! Too bad I'm an AU girl. ;)

  3. Brother is a cutie…. Too bad I'm happily married.

    We watched the game & were cheering for you guys. You looked super cute, by the way.

  4. Your pictures are so good!
    I'm pretty jealous that you had sideline passes. Looks like you had fun and looked gorgeous!
    B-I-L is pretty cute, too. :)

  5. Words cannot express how jealous I am of those sideline passes! Isn't AJ McCarron is just the cutest guy ever? I have a couple really good shots of him at the Walk of Champions that I drool over!

    Looks like you had a great time. I am still fuming that we let the barn come back and beat us. We'll get 'em next year! ROLL TIDE!!

  6. Dang girl! You got some amazing shots!! & love the attire! Gorgeous! :)

    I'm dying about your BIL too hahaha

  7. So, what did John say to Tracy Wolfson that made her laugh?

  8. Great pics. You WERE close!

  9. Great pictures? What camera do you have? I have a Nikon D90 and love it. I just need to learn more editing and lighting tips.

  10. Great pictures wasn't supposed to have a question mark behind it. Ha!

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