December 9, 2010

Christmas Desperation…

Long story short, Addy wants a new room for Christmas. A BLUE room to be exact. Here is the room she saw and told me that she wanted. Cute, right? Problem is, she also wants Claire to be in her room too. So, double to expense of mattresses, beds, and bedding. 

So, I set out to find something. I found this adorable comforter in a bright pink from PB. 

I fell in LOVE with this sheet set from PB as well. 
I told John how much all of this stuff was. HE HAS GOT TO START LISTENING TO ME!!!
So, I go to order it tonight, he has a mini coronary, so I start frantically searching the internet for something cheaper. I found this gem at Bed Bath and Beyond… it really goes better with the room theme she wanted, but I think the other is more her personality. It’s also less than $200 for two sets for the girls vs the $450 from PB. What should I do?
I thought I might be able to find a different comforter and still get those sheets I love so much, but so far, not looking good. HELP! 
I think I may run to Tuesday Mornings and see if I can find anything there? Or TJ Maxx?

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  1. Do you have a Homegoods??? It's all VERY CUTE!

  2. I personally like the one from Bed Bath and Beyond. Very girly and beautiful with the blue!!

  3. The little girl I nannied for had the PB set & it picked very easily. She kept it for less than a year!

  4. Go with the cheaper bedding! it is the same idea really really cute! you can add some lime green sheets to it or whatever other color Addy wants! I think you can have just as cute of a room for the girls with the cheaper bedding! They are young and they will change their minds and grow out of the bedding so don't spend a lot now so that later you can get them bedding that you know they will keep much longer. Also check Target they have cute bedding! and Ross and TJ MAXX too! I got my comforter at Ross for 30 dollars! the only problem is they are hit or miss!

  5. Look on Target. They usually have cute stuff. I don't know about girls because we have boys, but I like their stuff!

  6. I love the pink damask bedding! I think it would go perfectly in her room!

    I agree with HomeGoods or maybe even I haven't looked but they might have something.

    Here's a paisley print that would match blue. I'm not sure if it's too bright for you though! (let me know if that link doesn't work haha

    & another one on Ebay. It looks pretty!

    If I find anything else I'll twitter you haha

  7. I love the bbb pattern! It may be better than the hot pink anyway…
    Do you have a home goods? Best store ever! They have lots of bedding. I'm headed later and I'll look here for you!

  8. I just looked and there are lots of cute quilt sets at I hope you find something you like. Just make sure they can grow into it or you will be doing this again in a few years. If you are like me, this just gives me an excuse to redo. :)

  9. Rach I LOVE the pink damask print! Please ask Addison if there's room for me & Emily Margaret to sleep over.
    God's blessings & Love,

  10. Have you tried looking online for a discount code for PB? I'd try that and see if you can get a 20, 30 or maybe even 40% off!

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