January 6, 2011

Slacker.. I’m a slacker.

This is my Me Monday picture.. on Thursday.

Me Monday

Where has this week gone? Claire started Pre School on Tuesday and I finally got back into my running shoes today. My goal was 5 miles. Around mile 2, I started getting these headaches I get when I run. I’m not sure if I am dehydrated or not getting enough oxygen, but they won’t go away until I stop and take some Motrin or Alieve. Also, a new ailment poked it’s ugly head out. A slight knee pain just below my right knee. It isn’t killer, but definitely bothersome. Any ideas what that could be and how I can fix it?? Anyway, I didn’t get 5 miles done.. it was 2.45 and I am beating myself up about it.

So, the Disney Princess Half is less than 2 months away. I feel like I am slightly better trained this go ’round, but nowhere where I need to be. Life keeps getting in the way. I realize that running should be a priority and it is, but my family and children come first, so, I guess guilt is what is getting in the way. Having to leave my girls to go run seems so selfish to me. But honestly, I feel like I could tear the walls down if I don’t get those running shoes on. I am mean and snappy and I honestly don’t sleep as good.

Claire turns 2 this weekend… I am not ready for that either. On a happier note, (because I feel like this is turning into a poor, pitiful me) I am really getting some stuff done around the house. New pillows, new ottoman, finishing up decorating the girls room. I still have the playroom to do, but I am trying to slow down and relax a little. These projects are consuming me.

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  1. It sounds like you need a vacation! Don't beat yourself up so much!

  2. At least you're running. My treadmill just mocks me in my bedroom. I haven't yelled at Jillian on my tv in months.
    BUT I've read 3 books on my new Nook.

  3. i need to run again…. badly!!! plus show us some of these projects you are doing too girl!! (i would love to know how you did the headboard!)

  4. Rach, you know that's what my knee/leg felt like when it was fractured. My advice, go see Deuland ASAP!!!

  5. Don't run if it hurts! That's my motherly advice. :)

    You aren't a slacker, my friend. You are getting stuff done left and right and inspiring me! I am making a new wreath right now, thanks to you.

  6. I like reading about your busy life…. I don't see anything that resembles a slacker. Cute photo.

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