January 9, 2011

Claire turns 2…

Dear Claire,
It’s hard to believe you are 2. Officially a toddler. Two years ago, I couldn’t wait to meet you. We wondered if you would look like your sister, and you do. You were quite possibly the easiest delivery ever documented. I pushed for 2 and a half minutes. I can remember looking at you in the picture below and couldn’t believe it was you. You weren’t supposed to come out so quickly!! 
Lately, Addison has really taken the Big Sister role and you love it. You are a text book Little Sister. You follow her around and do whatever she says. 
You may not be talking a lot, but you definitely get your point across. You are quite possibly the sweetest child I have ever met. You are so girly– it makes me smile so big. 

Much like Addison, you love Mickey Mouse and Sleeping Beauty. You are an extremely thirsty child. You drink more than you eat and are quite the picky eater. No white foods. You live on hotdogs and goldfish crackers. 
You love to twirl you hair when you are going to sleep and when you are drinking something. I love to watch you so much. You like to organize things by color. 
You love your Mama. You follow me around and want me to hold you all the time. 
You love to open and close doors. 
You love to give hugs and kisses.
You love Trixie. 
You still hate to be messed with.. wiping your nose or changing your diaper. You do like to wear pretty clothes and hair bows. 
You love books too. 

Your laugh and smile are infectious. I love to listen to you and Addison just giggle away in your room at night when you think we aren’t listening. 
You are our little Linus– taking your blanket with you everywhere.
You love to sleep… preferably in your own bed. 
I love my days with you. You are such a joy to be around. Your personality is so much like your Daddy’s– laid back and loving to make people laugh. 
When you pout, it’s hilarious. You cover your eyes and run into the next room or hang your head and sneak looks to see who is watching you. 
I love you more than words could ever express, Sweet Girl.
Happy 2nd Birthday.

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  1. Happy Birthday to her!!! Your girls are the cutest!!!

  2. She is hands down the most precious thing! I love love love her red hair!!!!

  3. She's the cutest!! I love the hair twirling :) Happy Birthday to your sweet toddler!!

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY:) Honestly, you have the cutest kids I have ever seen. Thank you so much for sharing these photos with us. I seriously think your kids should be the newest gap kids models!

  5. She's so flipping cute.. I love all the red hair in your house.

    Drew carried a blankie. Every picture I have of him, he's toting that thing around. I still have it too. It's safely tucked away in my box of his baby things.

  6. So sweet! Happy birthday, Claire!

  7. what a beautiful girl! my oldest turned 10 yesterday…they grow so fast!

  8. Happy Birthday, sweet girl!

  9. Happy Birthday Claire Bear!
    Aunt SaSa :)

  10. Happy Birthday!! What a beautiful baby girl :)

  11. What a sweet post! I just found your blog. Don't hate me, but my best friend is an Auburn fan! :)

    xo- Carmel

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