January 17, 2011

Training Woes…

Yesterday was the day I was going to get back on track with my training… my goal was to do 6 miles and then I could rest today since 6 miles is my second longest distance… ever. I got the girls to sleep and set off for the gym. I had hydrated a good bit and took some Ibuprofen to help combat any headache that might want to make an appearance. I was feeling sluggish, but I didn’t let it deter me. When I got to the gym, it was pretty busy for a Sunday at 2pm.. the parking lot looked like it does for the afterwork crowd.

I took a before picture, so you can point and laugh at how red faced I get when I run… it’s not pretty.

I get inside and the place is packed.. people in the pool, a spin class going on, most of the cardio machines are taken and people mulling around in the weight area. I hope on one of the last remaining treadmills and get to work. Starts out pretty easy, but here is my problem. I hate getting too hot. (I know, I shouldn’t be a runner if that is a problem.) And running on a treadmill, always makes me extremely hot, no wind, and other peoples body heat drive me nutso. I am too short for that built in fan to do any good.. it just hits the top of my head.

Anyway, when the gym is packed like that, there is a 30 minute time limit for cardio machines. When I hit 30 minutes, I realized that no other treadmills were open and people were waiting. I also realize that the treadmill police wouldn’t have come and made me get off my treadmill since there were women who were walking on the dang things for an hour at a time. But the guilt ate at me. What if that were ME wanting to get on a treadmill.. I would want someone to follow the rules, right? So, I did 2.37 at 30 minutes and got off.

And took an after picture… see?? So red faced!

When I got home, I was mad at myself, I should have just kept running and someone else would have gotten off the treadmill for that person.. Lord knows the guy next to me in the full sweat suit running while holding onto the side rails needed to– I was afraid he was going to hurt himself. (Side note.. I hate getting into between two guys on treadmills, they always want to compete with my running– run when I run and walk when I walk– and I am not that fast!) Anyway, John looked at me and asked “What happened this time?” I was a little taken back, what did he mean by that? He said, “It’s always something.. a headache, side stitches, knee pain, shin splints” Which has caused me to think… Am I wimpy? Can I not push myself to get better? Or to do those longer runs? Am I scared of failure? I realize there will be pain and discomfort in this. You can’t be an athlete of any kind or be successful without it. So, am I just trying to play everything safe?

While you ponder my life’s questions.. look at my sweet princesses in their zebra matching jammies.. Such cuties!

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  1. Don't let him or his comment get you down! I have learned that men say stupid things at stupid times (mine is a pro – and he admits to it)!

    Do the best you can and be proud that you're out there doing it!

  2. Don't be too hard on yourself! Slight discomfort is one thing (let's face it, running 6 miles isn't a walk in the park) but headaches, side stitches, knee pains and shin splints shouldn't be ignored, especially when you're running…your body is trying to tell you something, and if you ignore it you could really injure yourself for good! Here's a few articles on pains and injuries from some running websites that I've bookmarked for myself for when I get aches and pains:




    Keep on keepin on! The fact that you're not letting those pains get you down and you're still getting out there shows major determination!! I agree with the above comment – be proud that you're out there doing it!

    PS – getting off the treadmill at the allotted time doesn't mean you're wimpy either…just means you have a conscience :) Best of luck with your training!

  3. Men are stupid. They really can't help it. It's in their genetic makeup. I fully believe that the y chromosome is a birth defect.

    With that said.. you are the cutest runner! I don't think your face gets too red. I look like a freaking tomato anytime I get on the treadmill. I tried to run, but couldn't get to running any significant period. I never even made it to a full mile without wanting to die.

  4. i get the red face too after running! EVERY TIME!!!

    i actually think it's cute…and you make it even more adorable.

  5. Hi! I think this is my first time commenting on your blog, but I really enjoy it. I relate to so many things! I have been a runner for a long time, and after my 2nd child was born I kicked it up a notch and started doing FULL marathons (two so far). It is STILL hard to motivate myself to keep moving on my runs sometimes (I am on a treadmill 90% of the time and it is sooo easy to wimp out) or to even get to the gym. It's crazy how I can do a 15 mile run one week, and the next week I am struggling to even complete an easy 4 miles (NOT soreness/pain related… just tired/unmotivated).
    ANYWAY! My best tip for a great run is this: have your husband drop you off 6 (or whatever) miles from home. Talk about motivation and no way of wimping out! Works even better if there is cookies/wine and/or favorite TV show waiting for you when you return. Also, it sounds cheesy, but visualizing a great run (or upcoming race) helps me a lot in everyday training. It's hard to focus on it with all the craziness of having kids and everything else, but I force myself to take it seriously and think about exactly what I am trying to accomplish in my precious time!
    Wow this was a super long comment but I love to talk to other runners… keep up the good work! :)

  6. GIRL YOU ARE GORGEOUS BEFORE AND AFTER and so are your daughters…..I AM SO JEALOUS! YOU ARE AN ATHLETE and not wimpy…..there is a treadmill rule. You got off because you respect the rules, not because you are a wimp. You will go for longer if you set your mind to it and I KNOW YOU CAN!!! You are amazing and don't ever forget. Keep me updated!

  7. I love red running faces! I think they are healthy and happy! :)

    My two princesses have the same zebra jammies, I LOVE them! So cute.

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