February 18, 2011

Home Invasion

We have a home invasion, people. Just in case you don’t follow on the Twitter.. the stomach bug has infiltrated our house. Claire woke with it yesterday and threw up in my bed. I thought it was a fluke. But then, she threw up in the living room. I went into her room to find her bed covered in throw up. Why hadn’t the Hubs or the 4 year old mentioned that as I snoozed to the new Disney Junior? So, I pulled off her sheets and washed them. She wanted some juice so I gave it to her. Then she had diarrhea. So I changed her and her outfit. Not 3 minutes later, she threw up all that juice in the hallway floor and the slipped and fell in it. DRAMA. A 2 year old vomiting is straight up drama, y’all. They don’t know it’s coming. You don’t know it’s coming. So all you can do is hope it will come out of your Pottery Barn rug. 
I called the dr. They called me back an hour and half later. Told me to watch for signs on dehydration, try to keep fluids down her, and that we were all going to get it. Awesome.
My sis had some phenergan gel from when they had it(yes, I know you aren’t supposed to share drugs, but we are a medical family and my pharmacist AKA step dad told me to do it.) so we got that in Claire. Put clean sheets on her bed. Made her drink some gatorade. Then.. you guessed it. She threw up in her bed. John- who is wearing a mask inside the house at all times and eating meals on the back deck- gave her a bath, I stripped her bed again and washed the sheets again.. put down some ghetto bedding and let her go back to sleep. 
I think she threw up at least 12 times. I gave her a last dose of the phenergan gel, gave her a little gatorade, waited to see if she would throw that up and then put her to bed. She woke about 15 minutes later vomiting in her bed. 
John had gone to his parents house as to not catch it and little Addison is who helped me get things cleaned up. 
Claire ended up in my bed at 2:30 this morning and Addison in there at 5:45. 
I slowly introduced fluids to her and she seemed fine with it. Until she got into Addison’s goldfish crackers. She threw up and then passed out standing up at the ottoman. 
Then, at lunchtime today, Addison started with it. And I am not feeling so hot now, so I am praying we get over this before we leave Wednesday. 
I am guessing there isn’t a 10 mile run in my weekend plans anymore. 
I also don’t know if this makes sense. I apologize if it doesn’t. 

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  1. ugh…I feel so bad for you- puking kids are the worst, I hope everyone gets over it really quick-(and that you don't get it!)

  2. LOL. I'm glad Im not the only one with an overdramatic husband, who deserts the sick children and leaves them with their mother. What do they think? that moms have some kind of anti-bug shield??

  3. hope they feel better.. and you!

  4. You poor thing! I hope everyone is feeling better soon!

  5. Wow, that is terrible. My husband just had the flu and somehow my son and I did not catch it.

    I hope you all get better soon.

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