March 10, 2011

This week has been a tad difficult for me. Addison is having complete emotional blowouts about the smallest things. Here are some examples: She’s been wanting to watch a lot of Toy Story, so John picked up some Toy Story soup at the grocery store for her. When she saw it, she completely flipped out, exclaiming,” I only like Princess soup!!!” So I dug around and found Dora soup and she seemed okay. The VERY next day, she begged if she could eat the Toy Story soup because “It was her very favorite!!”. Tuesday, I was trying to get them ready to go to MeMac’s for a little bit and she flipped out because she didn’t want to change out of her pajamas or brush her hair or brush her teeth. 
One of my best friends is in the hospital with kidney stones and I told her we needed to say a prayer for her and she fell out again. She didn’t like saying prayers, she didn’t like Rebecca, she didn’t like me, she didn’t want to talk to Jesus. The stuff really hurt me. I was on the verge of tears. I just kept thinking… who is this child? Why is she talking to me like this? I haven’t raised her to act like this. When John came home for lunch, he had a big talk with her and that seemed to help. 
Yesterday, after one of her many drama filled tantrums, she told me she wanted to go shopping. !!!! What? I informed her that I don’t go shopping with mean girls. Only nice, friendly, and kind little girls get to go shopping. 
And now, Claire sees Addy acting like that and is starting to mimic the behavior. Shoot me. Just shoot me now. 
She is sending me on an emotional roller coaster of emotions. I don’t know what to do. We’ve tried spankings, spankings with the wooden spoon, time outs, taking toys away, big talks. I need all mothers of girls to weigh in on this! Is there a stepford daughter program I can put her in? I want her to be able to express her emotions, but not throw fits. I am trying to get it through her head that when you act nice, you get the things you want, but if you act ugly, those things get taken away. How do you do it??? 

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  1. You are not alone on this. Doodle is nuts! Some days I swear she is bi-polar. I wish I had some advice for you, but I am at a loss. Interested to hear what others have to say …

  2. I have three kids and this is so normal! By the way I love your masthead very cute. Anyways, my advice would be to IGNORE it. She knows it bothers you so walk away or send her away to sit on her bed. Positive attention and negative attention will not help this situation in my opinion and these are just my opinions and what has worked for me. I just don't budge, and I have to remind myself I'm the sane one in this situation not them haha. And the part about praying she knows bothers you the most, ignore it just shrug and move on. Keep fighting the good fight it's worth it :).

  3. totally normal!!! it's a girl thing, they are total drama queens! my oldest was horrible about it!! ignoring seemed the only thing to work, if i spanked and punished it only made it worse! now she is almost 12 & it's coming back!!! ahhhhh! goodluck, it will get better:)

  4. eeek. I am so sorry. Good luck momma, I hope this gets straightened out soon. (Sorry I have no advice, my daughter is only 4 months!) :) Keep your chin up

  5. oh honey. i wish i had some advice for you. just gonna send you some love through the miles.

  6. Poor Rachel! As I told you, the calmer you handle it, the easier it is. Matter-of-fact timeout until she can control herself, you love her even if she says she doesn't love you. She feeds off your frustration, anger. Good luck!
    Love, Mom

  7. Totally normal, but nerve-wracking behavior. Jolie is the queen of drama & emotional breakdowns. She knows if she's going to throw a fit, she has to to go her room. I don't want to hear it or see it.

  8. So i'm not there with mine yet but my parents were there with me often and they LOVE to relive it all. here's some things that worked.

    took away my barbie for like a month (tragic!)
    Made me sit in the middle of my room (so i couldn't play or sleep or be entertained by the house)
    My Mom made me spank HER with a wooden spoon since she was "a bad mommy for not teaching well enough" (omg still remember how awful i felt about "punishing" my mom!!)

    whatever you do, be consistant, don't give up and ALWAYS follow through with what you say. No shopping with mean girls? Then NO SHOPPING! One more chance, then that's it!

    good luck… it will pass! promise!

  9. I saw you on Skinny Runner. Unfortunately I don't have any advice for you. I've babysat a lot in my time, but no kids of my own. Kids can definitely be frustrating, though. Good luck! I must say, though, your children are absolutely beautiful!

  10. I found your blog via SR. My baby is only 9 months old and she can't cop an attitude with me yet. If you figure out a solution (or prevention) just let me know and I'll implement it! :)

  11. Hi there from another SR reader!

  12. I saw your blog on SR and I love that I have a fellow runner in Bama! Love your blog, too. And the narcissism is inevitable. But we moms deserve just a little piece in the universe reserved for just us, don't we?!

  13. I found your blog through SR. I love it. We are a bunch of redheads, too. Well, at least I am and my youngest son. I love your little "pumpkin heads".

  14. Saw you on SR and wanted to say hi! I really like your blog!
    I think all little girls go through a "dramatic" phase when they are little and it comes back in their teen years lol. Good luck!!

  15. Followed you over from SR — SOOO jealous of your little redheads (your family is gorgeous, btw). My hubby is a redhead and I was hoping he would pass on that gene — so far nice dice.

    Not sure how old your daughter is — but I can totally commiserate with the 'tude and the behavior. My oldest is a boy — so his issues are mostly due to completely ignoring my existence – but it is SO TRYING. Just remember, this too shall pass :)

  16. Found you from SR and loving your blog!!! As a mommy to 3 (one little lady), I can relate. And my baby girl is now 11 so I can honestly say, it doesn't get easier with the 'tude'. Like someone said above "this too shall pass". Good luck!

  17. Is she teething? lol… My kids are 1 and 2 and that's our only excuse for craziness. My 2 year old spent a couple days telling me she "wanted to go home"… and we were home already. Made me feel bad, and still don't know what she meant if anything. I would say be patient, and try to have a positive interaction with her every day and talk about it as much as possible. Kids learn fast… she's obviously stressed about something…

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