March 15, 2011

Debbie Downer Post

Hi. I am on the verge of a mental running breakdown. Every time I have run since Disney, my knee hurts and I am getting side stitches. Since I like to overanalyze everything, here is my breakdown. My knee is hurting because I need new shoes. Because my knee hurts, I change my running gait and hunch therefore inhibiting my breathing ability while running. Makes sense? Totally nonsense? You be the judge.
I told John that I don’t think I should run until I am able to go get re-fitted and get some new shoes. Now, let’s just find the $$ and time to head up to the Huntsville to Fleet Feet Sports. 
Not running and having bad runs kinda makes me a little crazy in the head. It makes me stress about it, and that runs over into my daily life. And doesn’t help my attitude with my sassy princesses. And honestly? It makes me a little depressed. I REALLY want to run Nashville, I have yet to sign up due to the fact that I am scared I am really injured and I want to mentally be ready for this race and I don’t feel like I am right now. And then I get mad about it. You see why I am a little bit of a crazy person, right now? 
Any advice, words of wisdom, slaps in the face are always welcome. 
In other news, I am headed to Hartselle today with Becca so she can get fitted for her bridesmaids dress for her brothers wedding– did I mention that I am the wedding photographer? Holy cow. I am. I am so pumped. And then tonight, pizza dinner and play date with Lee and Alana and their kiddos. Super excited about what today holds. 
Guess it’s time to get out of the jammies and put some real people clothes on. 
P.S. Did you watch the Bachelor? So glad he picked Emily. Loved her hair on the After the Final Rose- but that was the most awkward show ever. Brad has a temper? Must be bad– why didn’t she have the ring and he gave it back on the show? That’s just strange. I would love to know what happened… Because I am just nosey. :) 
P.P.S. I am not a fan of the scales this week- I had gotten down to 131.5- I could taste the glory of 130- and guess who’s hormonal and has a monthly visitor and back up to 135?? So, I refuse to input my weight on My Fitness Pal this week. 

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  1. I think it would be worth getting new shoes to see if that helps. I think after putting that much time into training, sometimes it's just tough to get back on the normal schedule and back into it full-swing. I say don't pressure yourself to run Nashville. Take it easy and slow if you need to. There will be other races…always.

    Have you ever been to the Trak Shak in Homewood? They are amazing in my opinion (but the Huntsville store you mentioned might be too.) If you take your old shoes to Trak Shak, they'll give you $10 off a new pair.

    Good luck!!

  2. I hear you about running meltdown. I seriously had one before the Disney Princess Half, and I'm just now getting my running mo-jo back.

    If you are on the verge of a running injury, I would lay off especially if you havent registered yet.

    Think about it this way, if you run this race, you may be out for the rest of the summer. Is that worth it?

    Not judging, just trying to show a different perspective. I know how much we can all want something, and I would probably react the same way if I were in your shoes!

  3. My running coach told me to try "belly breathing" when I get side stitches. It has helped so, so much! It's kind of awkward and weird but it helps immensely. What I do is breathe in and and breathe out but when you breathe out push out your belly. It helps I swear!

    Great blog!

    Shelby Lou

  4. i'm here via Klaw via Bisforbrownie..oh the blog world…and i was just reading the comments on one of Klaw's posts and you said "i am not bipolar…just regular crazy." possibly my new motto. so thanks.
    great blog :)

  5. Here is three things that you have going for you to cheer you up
    5. Wonderful friends, oh and me too.
    4. Ballin' Bloggin Boom Train
    3. Wonderful Children
    2. A Pimptastic Husband
    1. Inventor of the greatest hashtag on twitter #MrsHopperFail

    Roll Tide,

  6. Hi Rachel,
    So sorry about your running issues. I hear ya. My old crumpled up gymnastics-injured body didn't even make it through training without cortisol injections and numerous chiro visits. Have you throught about the five finger shoes? I have some, but can't yet recommend them because I haven't been faithful to use them yet, but my Hubby loves them (once you get used to them, of course).

    About the Bachelor…I will say this. I have a good feeling about this one (call me naive). First of all, the fact that they are not all rose-colored glasses is awesome. Welcome to a real relationship…It's Work, and they seem to get that. With Brad using words like "I am in this for the long haul," "This is MY girl," and "I am going to fight for her," lets me know that he realizes it's not all about the emotions. Real lasting relationships are about the commitment and that fight. It's refreshing to see on that on this show, and I think it sends a good message. A message that people on a relationship show need to be talking about.

    Cheers, Brook
    p.s…Geez, how did you get so many followers?

  7. Aw sugar, don't be down. It happens, sometimes you just aren't "on." You've got a lot on your plate. You'll get your running mojo back – I promise! Head out impromtu one day, no garmin, no watch, just head out with no plan of mileage or pace. You'll find it!

  8. Aww!!! This weight thing happened to me, too – then I came back and did better. You will, too! xo

  9. "Whoa. I just run to finish. " Love it! :)

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