March 23, 2011

Update on the shoes.. and other things.

I have had 5 workouts with the new shoes. There are super comfy and my knees haven’t been bothering me. Here is the downside. My socks don’t like them. I wear the thorlo pads and these two aren’t meshing. Also, my feet get hot. I can’t stand when my feet get hot. Thirdly, I think they are a little heavy for running shoes. I have been thinking my legs felt like lead but now I am thinking it’s the heaviness of the shoes. I can only assume that since the shoes a little heavier that they are the reason that my calves are sore. Not that I am complaining. My calves could use a work out.

I also discovered that I can’t run Nashville. No babysitters. It’s really not a big deal to me. My heart wasn’t in that race anyway. But I wanted to look for a 10K to run. It seems like a good distance for me. I found two. One on the day of A-Day and the other is the day we leave for Vegas. So.. no can do. I’m a little ticked about it.

Since I am a person that needs goals, I have decided to really work on bringing my 5K time down. I really want to run a sub 30 min 5K. I am just not sure how to go about concentrating on speed work. How often should this be done? Can it be done on a treadmill?

I am thinking I need a running partner too. I really do enjoy running outside. I don’t know many runners, so I either need to find some runner friends/runner group or make the friends I already have, run. Any takers? (yes, Jana- I, too, wish we lived closer together because we could be awesome running buddies.)

On a side note, I want to get toned. I am trying to figure out the best way to go about it. Start working with weights? Run more? Do The Shred? I had my body fat analyzed this morning. This is how is breaks down… 23.1 body fat and my muscle mass is 23.3- basically I am half muscle, half fat. 14-20% is the athletic area of body fat, and I am in the fitness area. I’m not trying to unload my body image issues on here, but basically, I hate my inner thighs, second butt, and my arms. So, anything to help me there would be greatly appreciated.

To answer the anonymous question that was posted in my comments- We are still unsure if we are done having kids or not. We are happy with the way the things are right now. If we do try again, I think we would both be happy either way it went. Boy or another girl- it wouldn’t matter to me! :)

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  1. im do jillian a few more weeks & getting back to lifting heavy!! i can't wait, you gotta do what you feel is right for you, if you like running & cardio I say stick with that, you can easily get toned jsut doing that, maybe trying running with light hand weights!! either way you look fabulous!

  2. Thanks for letting me know we aren't going to Nville. My plans were all made.

  3. I'd be happy to run the 5k's with you to help get you sub 30, but I can't run with you to train (because I run at work . . . in Trussville).

  4. I was soooo excited to see my name on your blog! I feel famous!!!!

  5. I want to get under 30 min for my 5k too! I'm in Alabama too but not sure if we are near each other. If we are close, I'd totally run with you! Where are you??

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  7. I admire you for running like you do. I suppose I could too if I really pushed myself. One of these day I need to! When I was younger I ran all the time. Glad I found your blog! I've enjoyed reading your post!

  8. I really, from the bottom of my heart, am sorry that I can't/won't get up at the ass crack (can I cuss on your blog?) of dawn to run with you. I know I've let you down and I am truly saddened by that. Maybe I'll have some sort of epiphany after I deliver this baby and be morphed into a person that will be a fabulous running buddy. I'm not encouraging you to hold your breath on that one, but I'm pregnant, on my own, so obviously stranger things have happened! Sorry your shoes are heavy. However, I consider that a small price to pay if your knee pain is a thing of the past. It's true, I have never seen you naked, but what I can see looks fantastic. That being said, you need to be happy. It's your body! I've always heart to tone you want to work out with weights. Light weights with high repetitions. For example: 5-8lb weights at 3 sets of 30 or so. Accompanied with cardio. I'm no expert, but my brother is pretty close and that's what he says. On to the last topic- I really really would love for you to have another baby! You make such gorgeous kids :) I love you, friend!!

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  10. I love 30Day Shred, but find I get the most toned when I eat clean and ramp up my running.

  11. Have you ever looked into doing The St. Jude? There's a half & a whole.. Plus, you would get so see one super awesome girl!

  12. Speed training is the easiest on the treadmill! I love incorporating 1-2mins of "fast" sprints into my speed days. If you're training for a specific time, these intervals would be a bit faster than your goal min/mile time.
    Love the blog!

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