April 1, 2011

Easter Decorations

 The crafting bug has hit once again… I made some Easter/Spring Decorations
I made my beloved ribbon balls… this time with Spring colors. I had envisions of a burlap table runner, but as it turns out, I am quite allergic to burlap. If I am within 5 feet of burlap my throat gets all itchy and starts feel like I have strep throat. Soo.. I have 2 1/2 yards of burlap if anyone is interested! 
I had some of this fabric lying around and tried a make shift table runner.. if you have any ideas for it, I am game to listening. 
I also had my sister make me some vinyl letters for my front door with her Cricut machine. I saw the wreath ideas on Tatertots and Jello- She always has some amazing decorating inspiration! I took my favorite things from this The Casabella Project wreath and made it my own.. Let me tell you, working with jute and burlap when you are allergic to it? Not a fun time. Burning eyes, strep-like throat… but I think it was worth it. I am very happy with the wreath- and Addison loves it because she painted the M- I let her pick out whatever color she wanted! So purple it is- she also told me that Tracie would love it since it was purple and purple is her favorite color. 
I also noticed when taking this picture that we need a new front door.. or at least some new weather stripping- that is looking pretty rough. 
Happy Friday Folks! 
(and apparently, April Fools Day.. I promise- I really did make these!) 

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  1. everything is soooooo cute!!! i especially love the ribbon balls!!!

  2. I love those ribbon balls, how did you make them?

  3. necklace story…too funny!!!!! So glad she is ok!

  4. above comment from cousin sarah :)

  5. Rachel.

    Please, please, PLEASE. Make me that ribbon thingy! I really, really want it!

    Love. Love. Love!

  6. I adore that topiary and your blog!! Newest follower =)

  7. Looove the topiaries! Tutorial, perhaps? Looks like maybe a styrafoam spear with ribbon loops pinned on? Could it be that simple? Pleeeaaase? ;)

  8. SO cute! I love the ribbon balls! I will be making those this weekend!

  9. […] 8. Make These Ribbon Topiaries Image via: runningbackwardsinhighheels […]

  10. […] 8. Make These Ribbon Topiaries Image via: runningbackwardsinhighheels […]

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