April 2, 2011

Birthday Ideas!

Since it’s officially April- it’s my birth month. Let’s not talk about how old I will be because it makes me too sad. 

My polyvore set up is basically the “I wish” pile. I would love a white purse, glittery stilettos, a macbook pro, the 24-70 Nikon lens.
There are a few things that people could actually get me, like some gold flip flops, a denim skirt, a Sephora or iTunes gift card. 
I definitely need some more sports bras– as mine no longer fit due to weight loss. 

I would love a white running skirt… That just screams summer! 
Umm.. yes please.

Me likey these too!!
I have heard some great things about this book. 
And this one too!
I dig this shirt too.. I need more Bama running outfits. 
 I wouldn’t mind these either!
Chili pepper red Karhu’s? Definitely beats my glow in the dark orange ones right now.

I DEFINITELY wouldn’t mind a day at the spa.. massage, pedicure, manicure, facial– maybe some microdermabrasion? 
*Ahem* Sister Sarah… you could make me this sign. 12×24. Thank you. 
And of course gift cards are always welcome- Old Navy, Sephora, DSW, iTunes- there is a new store here in C-town called The Market Boutique or Poor Little Rich Girl- definitely wouldn’t turn gift cards down to either place. 

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  1. i wish i *needed* a sports bra! i do wear one, but could probably do without!! && it's my birth month too!!!!! yay, for us being born in april!!

  2. I guess I can forgive you for the Alabama gear.. ;D I am an LSU grad. I love the Nike tempo shorts in the collegiate colors.

  3. Love your list! Have you been following the run Dean Karnazes is doing on Regis and Kelly?? I am AMAZED. And I want those red shoes and pink bikini!

  4. Happy birthday month! I love that sign!

  5. ha! that sign is awesome x 100!!!

    if anything i hope you get that and a hot stone massage because that too is awesome x 100. no x 1000!!!

  6. I love them! I need more running outfits. Period. :) I have some ideas of what I'm looking for. Happy Birtday!! I'm so glad to find someone who celebrates their birthday for the entire month!!

  7. What day are you? I'm the 28. I could just take half of your list and send it on over to my Husband for me – LOL!

    Winks & Smiles,

  8. Hi there! I'm a new follower…I came across your blog from another bloggy friend (Molly) and I just wanted to say hi!! I just started running last year and I was wanting to read both those books as well. Love your birthday wish list. I always have a Polyvore wishlist going on. Ha!

  9. Love your blog (aspiring runner and part time photographer!)…..Happy Birthday Month to you! That sign is great! Need one just to get me going in the morning!

  10. What's better than photography and running?! I love your blog and Happy Birthday!!

    Look for a giveaway on my Facebook page…

  11. I totally love your running apparel choices! I am always in the market for new running gear:)

    Found your blog via Lindsey at Mr. & Mrs. Smith – love it!

  12. hey other april baby! mine is mon 11th! i hate getting older! ha!

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