April 12, 2011

Weekend and E-Mealz Winner!

Saturday night we did PF Changs to celebrate mine and Philly’s birthday with the his side of the family.
It was delicious!!  
Claire likes to show her her tricks! 
Claire.. the snotty nosed kid…. 
It’s the Birthday Boy!!
His present from his parents! I’ll ruin the surprise since I didn’t take anymore pictures.. it’s an apple tv! 
 Yesterday was his actual birthday- I got him a Jan cake- it was delicious! I cooked and my parents braved the storm to come eat some cake with us. 
I would have loved more pictures of yesterday, or ya know, ANY pictures from yesterday, but I am not going to lie. My days are starting to not have enough hours in them. And I don’t like that one bit. So, I think I am going to attempt to go work out at 5 in the morning… I am not a morning person, but I think this will solve the drowning feeling that I feel from all the stuff I have going on and what I want to accomplish during the day. 
Anyway.. Random. Only in the South can you pull over on the side of the road and buy a gallon of fresh strawberries for $12. Yum. They are so delicious.  
Now onto the Giveaway winner…
It’s BlessedMama!!!!
Congrats girl!! E-mail me and I will get you hooked up! 

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  1. Yum!Yum PF Changs…Lucky you ! Thank goodness for birthdays :) I love strawberries, I wish we could do that where I lived, they look delish!
    and YAY I am so happy to win…I am emailing you right now…THANK YOU THANK YOU!

  2. Yay Monica!

    Your girls are adorable! Looks like y'all had fun. Good luck with your 5AM wake up call! I'll be waking up at my 6AM – so the same time :) not really. haha

  3. mmm those strawberries look SO good!

    i could eat that whole bowl!

  4. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog :) I'm a new follower!

  5. It would help if I commented from the correct blog :)

  6. Yummmm…..PF Changs!!!

    Your girls are so beautiful!!

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