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Friday Updates!

Yesterday, as I was putting Addison’s hair in a pony tail, I noticed a small piece of hair that didn’t want to be a part of the pony tail party. It wanted to be free. I also noticed how said piece of hair was pretty short. And soft. And looked newly cut. So, I started inspecting and then interrogating. She wouldn’t tell me much except that she had done it at MeMac’s and used kitchen scissors. 
I started getting to the bottom of it, when I refused to give her a second snack until she told me the whole story. (Taking food away, works for us. Don’t judge.) She apparently, snuck into the kitchen, grabbed the scissors from the counter, ran behind the couch and cut her hair, then hiding said hair behind the couch. 
Call me mean, but I told her if she ever cut her hair again, that I would shave her head or cut all of her hair to length in which she cut her hair. She promised she would NEVER do it again. We shall see…
On Tuesday, I drove up the Memphis for a photography get together from a forum, and I couldn’t drive all the way to Memphis and not meet Natalie for coffee now could I? Most definitely not! 
I also got to meet her fabulous little girl, who is nothing short of exactly how I picture Addison to be in a year. Scary…
Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!! 

5 Responses to Friday Updates!

  • Libby's Life says:

    You daughter is adorable even with her new 'haircut'! And your running is totally inspiring. I am still working on getting into the swing of working out to lose the last of my baby weight. So reading your story is very motivating!

  • Amber says:

    She's so cute, even though she cut off all her pretty red hair! :)

  • The Crimella's says:

    At least she picked a spot that isn't too bad. It just looks like it doesn't fit in her ponytail. She's still such a cutie!!!

  • workout mommy says:

    this just cracks me up! and your response to her is classic! :) When I was little I had a really long ponytail and one day my brother decided to cut it off. I think it was many years before my mother finally forgave him. :) have a great weekend!

  • Stacey (aka UltraPrincess) says:

    I think that cutting one's own hair is a right of passage…..
    She is a cutie!!!

    Gotta run.

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