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{Insert Witty Blog Title Here}

My Tuesday was pretty uneventful.. Addy has Vacation Bible School this week, so she is gone in the mornings. I decided to head to Birmingham to take some stuff back to Express- like my Vegas outfit. All that stress and I didn’t even wear the darn thing. Oh well. 
I picked some things up for myself…
Trixie wanted to be in the picture…
One without Trixie
  Oh yeah. I picked up this. 
Now, maybe you’re saying, “Rach, why would you buy this right before Father’s Day??” And that’s when I would tell you this long story. This IS Philly’s Fathers Day present. As seeing as it was a surprise, I was trying to hide me going and getting it. I called the Apple Store on Monday and they said they had the 16GB, white, wifi ipads in, but it didn’t guarantee that they would still be there on Tuesday. I took the chance and waited until Tuesday. Jana met me over there, and I went in and asked for my iPad, only to be told that they didn’t have them in anymore. They had it in black or they had a 32 GB in white. It was $100 more. I didn’t mind spending the extra $$, but wasn’t sure if Philly needed the 32. After some fretting and texts, I decided to make the judgement call and ruin the surprise for John (I had been planning and saving for this for MONTHS.) (P.S. let’s talk about how John jerked his iPad out of my hands Monday night. B/c I picked it up to look up something when he got up…uh yeah. He almost didn’t get this iPad.) 
Anyway, he told me that the 32 was actually what he needed- which he told me before he wanted the 16. So, I ended up getting him what he needed. And Now he gets to play with it. And I ruined the surprise for nothing. 
And now I get this: 
Guilt free book reading… maybe I’ll start jerking the new iPad out of his hands just for fun!
The girls approve
 Side story. 
Claire went with me to Birmingham and when we got to Bed Bath and Beyond, she told me she needed to go potty. Which was cool. We go in, I pull her undies down and she’s has an accident. Skid marks. So, I have to take her undies off of her and I didn’t want to put those panties in the trash can. It was dry, so I stuck the panties IN. MY. PURSE. and put her shorts back on her and luckily, I had brought some extra undies and clothes in the car, so I had to wait until I got outside to put undies on her. Lesson learned- Keep clean undies in your purse for your children. 
Welcome to Motherhood! 

4 Responses to {Insert Witty Blog Title Here}

  • Meghan says:

    I really love that red chair! Your home looks so beautiful. And the iPad is so addicting, isn't it???

  • His Girl says:

    I love the pictures of them all piled in the chair. So cute and silly! =)

  • Libby's Life says:

    I am so jealous! We want an iPad so badly but just aren't in a position to get one right now. But someday I will have one. I go into the Mac store and play with them and my mom has one and I love it so I am hoping maybe by my Birthday in Oct. we will be able to get one. We will see though.

  • That Pink Girl says:

    Yaaaay for new iPads!!!! And in the elusive white!

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