June 10, 2011

Las Vegas– Part 1– The Hoover Dam

We arrived in Las Vegas Monday afternoon and just hung around The Bellagio, ate dinner there and watched the fountains. We went to bed early, because we were still on Central Time Zone and we had to get up early Tuesday to catch our tour out to The Hoover Dam. 
That place is pretty incredible and my uber nerd came out. I just kept thinking.. “They built THIS in the 1930’s?!!?” They had to re-route the Colorado River to be able to built this thing.. meaning, they blasted through the rock and made tunnels for it. Ah-mazing. 
I’m just going to show you all the pics.. with captions. 
Lake Meade
The white rings are where the lake has gotten up to– the calcium in the water turns the rock. 
Proof it’s not just a good camera that takes a picture…Cool thumb, dude. 
The fam in front of one of the Hummer trucks that we took. 
Jo Jo hurt his back, and Tracie was trying to rub the muscle. Priceless. 
John heard a woman comment “How can she take a good picture without a flash?” This is how.. I KNOW what I’m doing! 
Something big that I don’t remember what it does now. 
Looking out the coservation windows.. sorry for the glare!
The new bridge. It took 9 years to build this bridge. It only took them 4 to build the Dam. 
If you rub the statues feet, it gives you good luck at the casinos.. it seemed to work for us!
The Nevada/Arizona state line

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  1. Thats a lot of dam pictures! :)

  2. Dang you, Rebecca! I was just about to put that.

    Looks like y'all had a lot of dam fun! :)

  3. These are just beautiful! Next time I am in Vegas, I will definitely need to see the dam. Can't believe I missed out on such beauty!

  4. Looks like y'all had a great time!

    Regarding the picture of something big that you didn't know what it did: Those are the hydroelectric turbines. The water from the highest water level is drained to the lowest water level through tunnels that turn the turbines and make electricity. That picture is the key to how the entire dam system works. Very cool!

  5. Wow, these are awesome pictures. I'd love to go to Vegas and see this!

  6. Those are some awesome pics! I have never seen the Hoover Dam in person and it looks impressive. Hope you are having more fun in Vegas!

  7. WOW, just found your blog and what a great post!! The pictures are great, makes me want to go, thanks for the little tour.. i'm off to check out more of your blog. xx

  8. I drove from Scottsdale to Vegas and back… not going to lie.. the part of driving around the Hoover Dam REALLY freaked me out. I'm such a nervous driver in places I'm not familiar with. Next time I'll stop and look around, but for now your pics are fab!

    oh and I want to go to the ballagio just for that fountain!


  9. super cool! we went boating on lake meade, but never got up close and personal to the dam. it looks awesome!

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