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Say Whaatt?!

I’ve been throwing around starting a “say whhaatt?” segment here on the ‘ol bloggity blog strictly based on things that the girls say. Addy has some hilarious things come out of her mouth and I really want to document it. I have been known to say some stupid things in my life and so I will post those here so you can all point and laugh at me too and not just John. So, if you hate “Kids say the darndest things..” then, you probably won’t like this post.
Last week, I told Addy that I had a headache- hoping to get some sympathy out of her. She turned, looked at me and asked, “Why does your head hurt? Did you do something to it? Or is it just the voices in your head?”
Yesterday she was wanting to play on the ipad and I told her no and then she proceeds to throw a fit and say, “But my ipad(her leapfrog) doesn’t have any angry birds on it!”
There is a picture of my dad and I out the day I got married and she asked, “Is this the day when you married Boom Pa?”
The amount of questions Addison asks will make your eyes cross.. seriously. It goes something like this. 
A: “Were you at the beach in this picture?”
Me: “No. I think that was a party for when we got married.”
A: ” When you got married?”
Me: “Yep.”
A: “Why did you have a party?”
Me: “Because thats what people do to celebrate.”
A: “Where was I?”
Me: “You weren’t here yet.”
A: “Was I in your belly?”
Me: “No. I wasn’t pregnant yet.”
A: “Well, where was I?”
Me: “Uhh…”
A: “Tell ME!!”
Me: “Well.. you weren’t in my belly yet, because I wasn’t married. You have to be married to have a baby.” And then I ran away and asked God for forgiveness for telling my 4 year old a lie. 
And for my stupid comment of the week- I don’t know why I have been quietly laughing about this lately, because I said it months ago! 
When the first pictures surfaced of Ryan Reynolds as the Green Lantern, John and I were talking about it. And then, the first trailer came out. And I just *knew* something was missing. So, I thought about it. I asked John, “Hey! Where is his bow and arrow?” John replied with, “What bow and arrow?” I was getting all exasperated, “You KNOW! His bow and arrow!!” John looked at me. “That’s the Green Arrow.” 
Ohhh… Whoops. Can’t keep all those Super Heroes straight. 

8 Responses to Say Whaatt?!

  • Kyle says:

    Please, please, please clear that lie up before she's goes to college. K thanks

  • says:

    hahahahahaha! Love these. I went to the see Star Trek with my husband in the theater when it came out. The movie ended and I told him that I really enjoyed Star Wars.. Ooopsy..

  • Heather says:

    hahahha!! This is hilarious!

  • Katie says:

    Your little girl is too funny!! I literally laughed out loud!

  • Zara says:

    Ha! Got to love toddlers and their questions! This is actually the part of mommyhood that I am dreading. I have no clue what I'm going to make up for all the questions they will be asking.

  • Mr. and Mrs. Smith says:

    I love this idea! Her comments are hysterical! So how ARE those voices on your head? Ha!

    Also, I know Batman, Spiderman, and Superman (Dean Cain, of course). That is the extent of my superhero knowledge. You're doing better than me!

  • Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner says:

    Oh, I love the quotes from your daughter. Too cute!

  • Jana C. Rogers says:

    I love this post!!! I look forward to all the other "Say what???" post!!! I love you and the girlies very much!!

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