July 22, 2011

Getting my Olympic Outfit Ready

This post is a total brag fest on my 4 year old. 
My little A-A has been invited to join a competition gymnastics squad. Yep. She is the youngest on the team, by the looks of it. Kristy talked to me last week about it a little, and then when we went in on Tuesday, she was all, “here is your packet. Why doesn’t she start tomorrow?” So, we head to the secret gym that I didn’t know existed and are now part of the cool kids club. 
If you follow me on twitter, then you know my Mama Bear has come out more than once about Addy and her gym mates, from bullies to teachers not paying attention to her not getting the coaching I felt she needed. Well, look no more. Because this is basically one on one coaching. This squad won State this year. You know what that means? I better start preparing my “mother of the Olympic athlete” speech. 
Her 45 minutes of gymnastics a week just turned into 3.5 HOURS of gym time. 
This is whole different level, people. These girls are GOOD. It took Addy a little bit to warm up, but within 15 minutes of this class, she had already mastered her back bend. She is totally coachable and I think is super impressed with the bigger girls. It doesn’t hurt that one of her instructors was an Alabama gymnast, either. 
She gets to travel with this squad starting in December. And she was kinda ticked she didn’t get a trophy after Wednesdays practice. But, maybe she will get over it. 
I said she would be the next Dominique Dawes. 
Someone else said what about the next Keri Strug? I said. No. Duh. She hurt her ankle! 
Maybe we can compromise on the next Shawn Johnson. After she competes in the Olympics, she can go on to win the coveted Mirror Ball trophy on DWTS. 
Come on. You know you’d watch. 
Here are some videos from Wednesday’s practice. Maybe we should re-think the Olympics? :) Either way, I am super proud of her for this opportunity. She loves gymnastics so much and it’s a thrill to see her face accomplish something. 
She told me she is ready to learn to switch bars. Umm.. alright. Let’s get on that! 

Untitled from Rachel McPhillips on Vimeo.

Untitled from Rachel McPhillips on Vimeo.

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  1. Love the pics of the old olympians! I remember those days :) Good luck to your daughter!! She is looking great!

  2. Hahaha! Umm, she so saw you taking video! It was stage fright! Ha But she did a great job finally getting it! YAY! Go A!

  3. I can't watch the videos right now, but I'll come back and watch! So proud of her! That's awesome :)

  4. OH she is the cutiest! I cannot wait to see her in the Olympics! You know I would be cheering her right on!!! :-)

  5. Good for Addy!!! I just love gymnastics (especially Bama gymnastics!!!) I can't wait to hear your speech and by the looks of it, you better write it soon!!!

  6. How awesome! I bet she'll have a blast :)

  7. That is awesome! Can't wait to get Avery in gymnastics!

  8. I love these videos! Does she get a sparkly leotard?! haha

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