August 11, 2011

I’m on the Edge..

of Glory! 
Just like GaGa. 
You see, I feel different this time in training and I have finally pinpointed what it is.
I’ve stopped competing with everyone around me and started competing only with myself. 
I started running to prove to everyone else I could do it and now I am proving to MYSELF just how far I can push it.
Do I still have days where I don’t feel like running? Sure. But it’s nothing like the last go ’round. I look forward to seeing if I can push myself. This week, I have 2 done things I am proud of in training. One is I ran 4 miles without stopping. I have NEVER done that before. I have always been stopping to catch my breath or stopping to have a drink of water. The second is, I ran 3.06 miles is 31 minutes. Something I have never done. It is a goal to break 30 min on a 5K and I can feel that it is so close. 
I feel that I have been doing an excellent job of re-training myself to not heel strike. No knee problems like before, my posture is better during the run so I feel like that has helped my breathing. No side stitches. And? The kicker? I can run faster. Yep. I carried a sub 10 minute mile for 2 miles today. For some, that’s a slow day. For me, it’s flying. 
I think I can proudly say that I love running. I am not running to get the pounds off or to prove to someone that I can do it. I am just starting to see how much and how far you can push your body. And guys? I am digging it. 
After my awesome 4 mile run, when I got home and got out of my car, my knee was hurting. I got scared. I ran today, and it didn’t bother me. It seems to only hurt when I push down hard with my heel- which is weird. 

Friday night, I am setting out to run the race that started this running bug. I always said I would run the midnight run and that is what I started training for and ended up with shin splints. 2 years later, I am signed up and ready to roll. 

Now, onto a lighter note..
I’m linking up with Neely and Amber this week for Hey, It’s Okay! 

Its Ok Thursdays
Hey, It’s Okay 
*to do a mental happy dance and fist pump after completing your longest continuous run ever.
*to feel a little B.A. with an ace bandage wrapped around you leg during a run, just so you don’t lose your bandage. 
* to tell the story to everyone that will listen about the girl who tried to workout in a wet bathing suit and couldn’t figure out how to use the elliptical machine.
* to not understand the whole sensation of the fake feathers in your hair
* to judge girls who wear t-shirts with the arms cut off so I can totally see your sports bra and stomach
* to want to start another project before you completely finish one
* to be that girl who sweated all over the treadmill and not feel bad about it
* to be that girl who was on the treadmill running when you got there and to still be running when you leave 
* to be so ready to see one of your best friends babies, you can’t hardly stand it (C’mon, Avery!) 
Now, go link up with Neely and Amber

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  1. First of all, you ROCK! Secondly, that is Michael's favorite song right now. He sings it all the time. I honestly don't understand the feathers, either. Does that mean I'm getting old or I'm not stylish? Excited for you about the midnight run. What is the distance?

  2. You truly are amazing Rach.. I love how far you've come as a runner. And I don't even run! Although, you make me want to. I really really want to.

    Wanna move here & be my trainer? Just think of all the havoc our little divas can cause together.

  3. So love that you have embraced running for you and only you! You are doing fantastic with this training. Keep it up!

  4. Im the girl who is on the treadmill when people get there and leave a lot. I cant wait til its cooler and I can run outside again. Im over summer. Thanks for linking up friend!

  5. Woot!Wooot! That is awesome! You do ROCK. I definatley want to get where you are with running! Inspiration right there!

    Great post!

  6. WAY TO GO Lady!!!! You are awesome!

  7. ….I'm 37 weeks today! You keep doing your mental happy dance and fist pump for running without stopping and I'll join you with said actions for MAKING IT TO FULL TERM! Hallelujah, thank you God! Now, today I have started not telling myself I shouldn't be lifting my 26 pound 22 month old. So what if I carried too much stuff in my arms while unloading the car…I'm ready ready ready to have a baby! I'm not (yet) drinking caster oil, but I am throwing caution to the wind. Avery Grace, when you're ready, so is MOMMY!!!

  8. AMEN LADY! This is a fantastic post! Congrats on the running successes!

    And I love being the girl that sweats all over the treadmill!

  9. I always hope people don't notice me as I come and go while they are still on there before and after I work out. Haha! I don't have the patience to work out on a treadmill or elliptical for very long!

  10. What an inspiring post! I am in such a funk with running right now and you have really struck home with me. I'm so happy for your 3mi PR and for your 4 miles!!! Keep it up girl!

  11. Yay for running! Lets all do it together in Nashville!!!

  12. Love this! And your blog! I am your newest follower…check out my blog if you get a chance! I'm having a fun giveaway if you want to enter :)

  13. Congrats on your 4 mile run!!!! I totally understand the high you are feeling. I just started running last year and did the couch to 5K program. I never pushed myself past those 3 miles and then through the winter, I TOTALLY stopped running. I was so mad at myself. But then this summer I started back up and just did my first continuous 5 mile run a few weeks ago. I felt so AWESOME afterwards I wanted to shout it from the rooftops. Then I did a 5K race this month in 28 minutes. I broke 30!!! Sorry…totally highjacked this post and made it about me. Haha! But I just wanted to share because I know how you are feeling and it is such a fabulous place to be. Keep it up girlfriend and be sure to post about your race! Good luck!!!!

  14. Good luck tonight! And congrats on the long run. Now enjoy the race! ;)

  15. Great job on your amazing run, your post makes me just a tad more bit excited to get back to running after my torn achillis.

  16. Good job girl! I totally hate when people cut their tshirts too, so ugly.

  17. Ah, the peace of mind that can be reached with repetitive motion, so lovely. Congrats!

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