September 15, 2011

Alabama vs Penn State.. Our trip to Happy Valley

I’m not really sure why they call it Happy Valley, since it’s in the middle of NOWHERE. But, whatever.
We boarded a chartered bus bound from NYC to Happy Valley for the Penn State game. 
The bus ride was about 5 hours and once we got off the exit, traffic was horrible. Luckily, we had a bus driver that would jump in front of traffic. Pretty sure people hated us. It probably made them feel better that they mooned us. 
Anyway, Here was my game day attire.. 
Dress is from Ellie Crimson 
Necklace: Ellie Crimson
Earrings: Etc. by Nikki 
Shoes: Old Navy

Jay likes to make this face. Don’t hold it against him. 
After our 5 hour bus ride, and our “tour guide” making fun of people on the street and a couple of episodes of Gossip Girl, we made it. 
I was shocked to see people literally tailgating out of the back of their cars.. no tents. Except by the stadium, those peeps had tents. 
And? Girls don’t dress up for games. EVER. I saw more girls in jersey’s than guys. And they looked at me like I dressed for the Prom. Whatever. Don’t hate.

Our seats were about 2 rows from God in the End Zone.. but who cares? We were in Beaver Stadium.
I would like to say that Penn State did their white out game for us. Which I think is the coolest thing in college football. It was completely white sprinkled with crimson. I don’t care who your cheer for.. NO school can do a white out/orange out/black out like Penn State can and the rest of you are posers. Stop copying something awesome. 
The turning of the “S”– which looked wonky towards the 4th quarter since they were leaving. 
 If you didn’t watch the game, then we won. 27-11. We painted their stadium crimson, peeps. 
 The bus ride back was… eventful. We sailed into NYC about 1:30 am. Girl was tired. I tried to sleep on the bus, but between the peeps sitting next to us who were ENTIRELY too drunk and the dude harassing the bus driver about his love life, I got about an hours worth of sleep. And I was FREEZING. Thank God I stole that blanket from Delta airlines on the way up. I may have jumped off the bus otherwise.
Funny story.. You know how drunk people think they are hilarious when they are in fact the most annoying person on the planet, when they have had WAY too much to drink? And all they want is more booze? Well, the passengers talked our bus driver into stopping at a TA to get more beer for everyone and it turns out, we went out of the way to go to the only TA on the way in a dry county. I had a silent laugh and watched the people next to me pass out. John thought for sure they were going to puke. They were THAT DRUNK. We are talking, falling in the floor, climbing into the empty bus drivers seat before we left, and honking the horn. 
I got some good stories out of it anyway.. :) 
Roll Tide!
Next up… I’ll tell you about our NYC trip!! 

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  1. You look great! Love love that dress – talk about skinnies!

    I'm a jersey kinda girl. NFL people don't dress up unless they sit in a box! I will be rocking my Steve Smith jersey on Sunday :)

  2. Ahh!! You look adorable!!! I just "liked" Ellie Crimson's FB page! CUTE stuff!!! I have to get down to Alabama sometime … a, meet you and b, go to a game!!!

    Can't wait to hear about NYC!!!

  3. RTR! I love that Ellie Crimson dress & necklace … i am goign there stat! Also those earrings – love! where did you get them cause I need a pair in a bad kind of way. Looks like yall had fun, cant wait to hear about the NYC part

  4. You're adorable!!! Can't wait to hear about NYC.

    People honestly don't understand the importance of SEC games. I get all kinds of crazy looks when attempting to explain what The Grove is & why you would need a certain pair of heels to wear to it.

  5. Considering I grew up in Longhorn Country and have since moved to Boston, I 100% know what you mean about dressing up for game day being OF SO LITTLE PRIORITY to these crazy Yankee girls (no offense to y'all!). But for serious– you rocked your crimson dress and the houndstooth earrings? I die. It just takes the southern girls to show everyone else how it's done :) Can't wait to read about your NYC trip!

  6. I love your dress!!! I wish I went to a really southern school because I love it when girls wear dresses to football games. I'm wearing dresses to my games this season. Although I am guilty of being a jersey girl!!!

    Happy Valley definitely does the "insert color here-out" the best!

    Can't wait to hear about NYC! Ever since my trip, I've been obsessed with NYC!

  7. You look so cute girl! And I LOVE that you have houndstooth earrings :)

  8. I can't stand how gorg that dress is! You look amazing! Those earrings are perfect, too!

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