September 19, 2011

My Style Monday and Gameday!

My Style Monday
It’s another edition of Game Day My Style Monday!
I wore the strapless dress most of the day but the white cardigan when I got cold.

The dress that Hubs got me for our anniversary from “What a girl wants”
Cardigan is from F21
Boots: target
Necklace: Target
Earrings: Etc by Nikki

We got down to Tuscaloosa on Friday, to set up the tailgate.. and *gasp* someone had stolen our spot. Now, we may not own this spot, but it’s been our for a while. 
 So, what did we do? We got as close as we could to the other tents. We are mature like that. 
They ended up moving their tents back.
 Late night Target shopping brought us upon this.. 
It’s fun.. in da-middle. I am not sure why this was so funny to us. 
 I spied Big AL… and I had to get my pic with him.. even if he did mess up my hair. 
 I got some red sparkly nail polish at Sephora.. it’s called “What’s your Poison?” Get it.. like a poison apple??
I forgot to take pictures from once people actually showed up at the tailgate.. but it was a good time had by all, with lots of laughs that wouldn’t be funny to you, since you weren’t there. But.. you are invited!! 
I took this picture for Becca.. I realize the game was a nobody, but there was no sense in the woman next to me falling asleep. I mean, you could only cat nap with the 2 boys that got up at least 10 times a piece before halftime. 
 This picture got a little out of order.. whoops. 
One of the many reasons I love sitting in the zone.. besides real chairs, a locker, air conditioning, and all the Cherry Coke I can drink.. is the red velvet cupcakes. 
Also.. I have a complaint. The student section should NOT be this empty at halftime. It’s not cool with me. 

Oh yeah… one more reason I love the one.. Cup holders.

There’s only one way to celebrate a victory in my book. And it’s doing the Cupid Shuffle in your tailgating neighbors tent. 
Now.. onto my running lately.
The plan was for me to get up Saturday morning before we left for the tailgate and go run my long run of 6 miles.. I mapped out my run only to be told my way in and out of Jay’s weren’t the best running ideas that I had. So, I decided to go with my safety over my run. The run went through a bad part of town and a busy section with no sidewalks, on top of the fact I forgot my Garmin.. so I decided to a) not get stabbed b) not get hit by a car and c) not get lost. 
I said, “Oh, I’ll just do 8 on Sunday instead.” So.. I set out to hit the treadmill. Sunday was one of those days where nothing went right. I took my iPad to the gym so I could watch Gossip Girl and found this beauty and thought my luck had turned around!
A PINK treadmill!! I knew my day was sure to pick up! But.. alas, technology hated me and I couldn’t figure out how to get the Gossip Girl to play full episodes on the iPad. 
Also.. it was brought to my attention that my treadmill running has been so easy since I don’t do an incline, therefore my road races kick my booty because the road is harder to run on then the treadmill. So, I decided to start running on a 1 incline.. which, is taking some getting used to and makes me feel like I am the most out of shape person ever. Which really does a number on my mental toughness. I am extremely stressed right now, and I let all of the other things that I needed to be doing come crashing down on top on my run and I started to feel like I was drowning. I did something I have never done before. I quit. Yep. I stopped running and got off the treadmill. The whole time I was disgusted with myself but I knew what was coming. A mental breakdown. I could feel it coming last week. Being gone on vacation, running a business, 5 weekends in row being out of town-2 of which are out of state, gymnastics, school, laundry, cleaning the house, training, Ladies of the Houndstooth, photography assignments and projects, social networking… it’s all so much. Because everything needs something from me. Right. NOW. I guess a good description of me right now is overwhelmed. Or over booked. Or not enough hours in a day.. Take your pick. 
So, instead of throwing a fit and crying and taking it all out on John, I decided to sit down and write out a list. And I delegated certain tasks for John and am trying to look at what is the most important for my mental health to get finished this week. I feel like a mature adult, acting like that! 
I will try to be around the Internets this week.. but I can’t make any promises, as I need to drop a ball or two that I am currently juggling. 
See you on the Flip Side. 

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  1. So I did my undergrad at UNT and I dont cheer for them cause they are terrible…case and point! BTW Love the boots!

  2. Cute outfit! :) RTR!

  3. Are the Target boots from this season? I think I tried them on & came so close to buying them. The weather was still over 185 & I just couldn't do it.

    You would laugh if I ever showed you pictures from our sad little college football games. It's pathetic. My high school games had bigger crowds.

    Maybe you could do an incline for part of the treadmill run? Alternate it. I know J does that & he says it helps.

  4. Ok, where to start? Love the nail polish, love the side pony, love the outfit, love the red lips, and LOVE YOU! Sorry you are feeling overwhelmed… maybe you should just take a "break" from some of these things… get off the internets for a day or two it might make you feel better! : )
    Let me know what your lip gloss is… I want a Redish color!

  5. I love that entire outfit!

  6. Okay, you look precious! Love the glitter nail polish and daaaaang girl, your ring is gorgeous!!!

  7. Love that dress! So cute :)

    That picture of you sitting on John's lap is my favorite ever of y'all. Go frame it.

    Don't beat yourself up about running! I couldn't run tonight because I stayed at work late and it was dark when I got home. We'll be fine :)

    Oh! Oh! And I need that polish! LOVE!

  8. Love that outfit and polish. You're always SO cute! And you get red velvet cupcakes? I think I'm an Alabama fan now ;)

  9. We are living the same week! Not exactly, but close. Just a lot of craziness with the kids, my hubby's long hours at work, and a whole mess of other things. All this has lead me to skip my runs for an ENTIRE WEEK! I feel so crappy about it too because I have been SO GOOD this summer! I need to get back on track this week but I seriously feel like I need to get caught up and get my head in a better place to make it there. Know what I mean? Ahh…it feels good to know I'm not alone girlfriend. Hope your week shapes up!

  10. You are such a cutie… and your tailgate looks so fun I may just have to become an Alabama fan for a day! :-)

  11. Your outfit is adorable! I want those boots!!

  12. I want to tailgate with you. I love your boots. The pic of you on John's lap is amazeballs. I need a pink treadmill.

  13. Oh, you're so damn cute! Love the outfit! Looks like you guys enjoyed the game.

    I need to follow your lead and pretend I'm a mature adult – there's so much going on! Looking forward to seeing you in Savannah!

    Winks & Smiles,

  14. 1. SADDD i did not get to meet up with you – tenn game right?
    2. pink treadmill whaaa? thats cool!

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