October 18, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday, Addison.

How can it be? 
How are you FIVE already?
I knew this day would be hard for me, last year when you turned 4. And I promised myself I would treasure every day for the next year.
You’re officially a big girl now. 
You dress yourself. You can get in and out of the car and buckle yourself. You’d brush your teeth, if you wanted to, but I think you secretly like for me to do it for you still.
I cannot explain how proud I am of you. 
You are so smart. I can see the intelligence in your eyes. 
You are so funny too. You can spout off the one-liners with the best of them. 
Your athletic ability is uncanny- I’ve never seen anything like it. 
Your personality is 100% SPUNK, girlfriend. 
We may go head to head in a few years, but your determination is something that should be admired. 
Let’s not forget you are beautiful. With all of your other wonderful qualities, it’s hard to forget.
I am not ready for you to grow up. But your Daddy says you have to. 
And so do you. “But Mama, if I don’t grow up, how am I supposed to reach stuff that is really high up?”
The amount of questions you ask may annoy me at times, as well as how you sing-song everything throughout the day, but I am also secretly so proud that you do both. 
I also secretly love how you refused to have your picture taken at school stating, “I only like my Mama to take my picture.” 
You love attention but also get embarrassed by it. 

You smile is infectious. As well as your giggle fits. 
And your love for Alabama football? It will rival your Daddy’s one day. 
I love your crazy hair in the mornings. 
I love your stinky feet. 
I love how you want to be big enough to not need snuggle time, but jump at the opportunity to have just a few minutes of it on the couch. 
I see you turning into a little Mama with Claire, and I love it. 
I love watching you at gymnastics- it’s amazing how good you are. 

I don’t care what you are when you grow up, as long as you are the best Addison you can be. 
I love you so much, baby girl. 
I want to tell you as much as the thought enters my head, just so you know. 
I love you more than a hog loves slop. 

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  1. Awww Happy Birthday sweet precious little girl! She is seriously too cute for words!

  2. Happy Birthday Addison!!! She's beautiful!

  3. I love you Addison with all my heart!!! Happy Birthday!!!

  4. Great post! Happy Birthday Addison!

  5. Happy Birthday, Miss Addison!!

  6. Happy Birthday to your little sweetie!!! She is truly beautiful!

  7. Happy birthday! five, wow, a big number! :) well, it's only getting better, let's never forget that. and, man, she is DAMN beautiful! *.*

  8. So sweet and such good writing!!! Happy Birthday Addy!!! I love you!!!

  9. What a beutiful post, for a beautiful 5 year old!

  10. Rach, these are your best pictures EVER! gorgeous!

    Happy 5th Birthday, Addy!!

  11. 5 is such a big age. She is so adorable though! They do grow up too fast! :-(

  12. This is the sweetest post and your daughter is beautiful!

  13. Ok, I am BAWLING reading this!!! So yes, we know I am a bit emotional these days, but seriously this is the sweetest thing ever! I love both of you!!

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