An Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party

We did Addison’s birthday party Sunday and it was Alice in Wonderland themed. 
I honestly poured my emotions into the decorations for this thing.
My sister made this sign.. she is so crafty with her scrapbooking supplies. It’s almost a little scary.
Her Mad Hatter cake.. Yummy. I had a Mommy surprise in that the top hat was a rice krispie treat! 
I made strawberry cupcakes and I ordered the toppers from The TomKat Studio on Etsy and cut them out with a scalloped circle punch and attached them to toothpicks. 
Chick- fil-a nuggets.. did you now you can order these as a cold tray and warm them up? 
Sarah helped with the “drink me” labels. She refused to do the “eat me” ones for the food. 
Addy opening all of her presents.. it was hilarious. I should upload the video b/c the things she was saying would have you rolling. 
 We played Croquet outside..
Then we sang “Happy Birthday” 
And took some family pictures… Not sure how I feel about this one? Textures aren’t really my thing but I felt like this picture needed it.. What do you think? 
All NINE McPhillips in one place. It’s a miracle… and I suspect a Christmas card. We will number 10 this summer.. Joseph and Tracie are expecting!! 
Hope you enjoyed our Alice in Wonderland themed birthday party.. I certainly enjoyed planning it for my sweet A-A. 

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  1. AMAZING party! Seriously you've missed your calling Rach!

  2. I refuse to show this to my child. Because if I do, she'll want you for a mom instead of me! This is AMAZING! and I love the hat and family pictures :)

  3. This looks like so much fun! You did a wonderful job!

  4. Can you please come here and plan my kids parties? I am not that creative.

  5. P.S. LOVE the family picture. Adorable!

  6. Party looked wonderful, and that family photo is just precious!

  7. I love how everything turned out!! and the family pic makes me giggle. I love photo props like that :)

  8. LOVE IT!!! The decorations are AWESOME, also the cake is amazing, and Addy looks so cute and excited!!

  9. I love the decorations! Very cute and creative!! And that cake is amazing!! :)

  10. You did an amazing job. Everything looks perfect and the family looks so happy! The photo props are such a fun idea!

  11. Amazing party!!! I love her cake! The family picture is awesome…I dig the texture and the moustache!!!

  12. precious!

  13. Umm, how creative are you? This party is sheer perfectioN! I love all of the little details – and the family pic is amazing! I actually love textures!

  14. What a wonderful party- well done!

  15. You did a ROCKIN Job at this party, Ray ray!! Addy is so lucky to have you as her mommy. Love the family picture with the staches! : )

  16. Love it! Super cute, love the cake!

  17. you did such an amazing job! love the family pic!

  18. How did I miss this post??? Love it! The theme is so cute!

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