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Monthly Archives: November 2011

2011 Iron Bowl…

 After 2005, I said I would never go back to Auburn. We had the worst experience as a fan. People yelling in our faces, spitting on us, just generally being douches. So, this year, when John said we were going to the Auburn game, I was reluctant. I went expecting the same reaction. Even though, I think both sides need to cool it. This rivalry is getting out of hand. I wanted a clean game- no cheap penalties, no calls that could go either way that could be game changers, and most importantly, two fan bases being cordial. Now, I am not delusional. I wasn’t expecting to be welcomed with open arms and invited to brunch but maybe just not to be hit with shakers when I walk past you.

I am glad to say, that our latest experience in Auburn was almost.. nice. I ended up running into Becca’s dad on the sidewalk and as he gave me a hug he made a comment about it not smelling like elephant dung, but I think that was all in good humor. And then we were boo’ed by a drunk college kid as we walked past him.. again. I can handle that. Sort of. So, I would like to thank Auburn for being nice. I think the rivalry needed it.

hanging in the upper deck…

Our win secured our spot in the BCS National Title game that is being played in New Orleans. Sugar cubes for the Sugar Bowl! :)

Now, I realize a lot of people feel we don’t deserve to be there. Yes, we lost. One game. In over time to LSU. The number 1 team in the nation. So, yes– we deserve to be there. I also feel that Saturday’s game secured Trent Richardson’s name on the Heisman trophy.

John and Kyle

Coach Saban

We stayed after the game to celebrate in the stadium and watched the post game interviews.. apparently we are on tv. We cheered for Saban as he headed back to the locker room.

We stopped at Wendy’s to eat and the trailer was outside… Ashley photobombed me. But it’s cool.

I am looking forward to New Orleans. We’ve had rooms booked there since January. Yep. INSANE. With the game being played on Claire’s actual birthday this year.. it’s very difficult for me with Mommy Guilt. John says we will celebrate before we leave, but we just can’t take the girls. That New Orleans is no place for them to be. He is right. But but but… it’s her birthday!! He said it’s the National Title game, that it’s a big deal. I mean, these things only happen every other year for Alabama. ;) (kidding.. sort of.)

21 Things of Randomness

I was tagged by T at Racing with Babes for the 21 things of Randomness. So, I shall share 21 things of randomness and then tag 10 peeps.

So while everyone is out getting their Doorbusters and Black Friday deals.. here is something fun for you! :)

1. I am extremely Type A. I always have a To Do List. So much that sometimes I feel like a slave to it. You know that saying, “Everything has a place and everything in it’s place”? Yeah. That’s me. Even my light bulbs are filed away and organized. I dream of having color coordinated organizational totes for each seasons decorations.

2. Even though I am Type A, I can’t think of a trip in the past 5 years, that I haven’t forgotten something. Back when I packed for John, I forgot his toiletries bag once. This football season? I forgot my outfit for the game. It’s become a running joke that isn’t really all that funny.

3. I didn’t want to have kids when I was younger. I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to ever get married. I am sure am glad I changed my mind.

4. I am the baby of the family. Because of this, I always sympathize and side with the younger sibling. Good thing for Addison that J is the oldest child.

5. I always stick my foot in my mouth. I say things unintentionally that hurt peoples feelings without meaning to, just by the way I deliver a sentence. That’s probably a really bad thing.

6. I have an uncanny ability to read people and know if they are “good” people to be around. I guess that’s what my mom always called her “mother alarm”.

7. I am addicted to my iPhone. I totally made fun of them when they came out and how ridiculous it was that J stood in line for hours to get one. And now the thing sleeps next to my pillow. I am expecting an intervention any day now.

8. I have a gimp pinky because when I was a Freshman in high school, I broke it during a game of dodge ball and none of my parents believed me and it never got fixed.

9. Since turning 16, I have had 7 cars. That’s kind of insane.

10. I have to eat candy color coded and in even numbers. Take skittles for instance. If I poured some into my hand and let’s say that I had 3 red, 2 yellow, 4 green, and 2 orange I would eat one green by itself, then 1 red and 1 green (can’t eat the colors back-to-back), then I would simultaneously eat 1 set of red,yellow, green and orange. And then eat the other set last. Make sense? Welcome to my OCD.

11. I never run or workout with my wedding ring on. It’s a little loose and I am afraid it might fly off. Plus, I am too lazy to go get it sized. In fact, I don’t sleep it in either. (I’m starting to wonder if he is going to take it back simply because I hardly wear it.)

12. I weigh more now than I did when I got married but am a much smaller size. In fact, my pants are sizes I haven’t seen since 9th grade and it freaks me out to buy size smalls. I seriously had a panic attack in NYC when I had to buy a small sports bra and small running tights. Thank you, running.

13. I didn’t consider myself a runner until I finished my Savannah half. I actually trained for that and have a time I am super proud of! Then I ran Ruben 15 days after and fell.. now I just consider myself a hardcore runner. I have the battle wounds to prove it.

14. I wish I lived in the 50′s or 60′s. Day dresses. Calling cards. Thank you notes. Gloves. Hats. Yes please. It all sounds so proper and fun. I love looking at pictures in J’s grandmothers house.

15. I had a wreck the week before my wedding and cracked two bones in my foot. I walked down the aisle in an ankle brace. It still bothers me and I run funny on that foot.. I think it resembles Phoebe.

16. Hubs and I can speak entire conversations based on musical lyrics or movie quotes. It's a gift. I think it's a requirement in the family.

17. I love romance novels. I hardly read anything else. I don’t care who knows it. Give me a cheesy love story any day over someone’s biography. I just love romance and chivalry.

18. I love to turn on my iPod and dance around with the girls. It’s one of my favorite things to do. I love music and want them to love it too. The other day Addy asked me if a song was sang by The Beatles. It warmed my heart.

19. I am so nosey but hate being in the middle of drama. Unfortunately, those two things seem to go hand in hand. I guess that’s why I love blogging and twitter. It’s the most awesome way to be so nosey. Becca and I were talking today about how we wished more celebs tweeted less about their charities(insensitive alert)  or re-tweeting what people say to them and more along the lines of, “Oh I just ate 14 tacos and it gave me righteous diarrhea.”

20. I have nightmares about getting divorced. No, J and I don’t fight that often and the “D” word never comes up, but being a product of divorce has it’s downfalls and I guess that’s one of them. (Sorry parents! I know you are MUCH happier now and I gained an extra Mom and Dad, but it still leaves scars.)

21. I judge you when you use poor grammar. My 9th grade English teacher taught me well. It is worse than nails on a chalkboard to hear someone speak incorrectly. It makes you sound ignorant. Apologies.


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Christmas Wish List.

Just in case you wanted to send me some Christmas presents, I have compiled a list for you. Or ya know, if you want to steal some ideas, go right on ahead! Maybe they’ll have some Black Friday deals. :) Does Sephora do Black Friday? Who knows…

I got this tinted moisturizer as a gift from Sephora for spending so much money. How nice of them to fuel my addiction. The color Nude. 


I had a list compiled of all the Philosophy products I wanted and then they went and came out with this for the Holidays. It’s like they know me. 


I need a new blush and I hear this one is good. In the color Orgasm.. get your mind out of the gutter. 


These are my very favorite eye liner pencils.. my color of Mildew is almost out. (Who names these colors anyway? Mildew? Orgasm?)


I’m not sure if this will be beneficial, but it sounds like a good idea for all that treadmill running. The foot pod that goes with my Garmin watch. 

Garmin Foot Pod

I need something to display all my Race Bling. They do custom ones too.. Dominate could be a good idea. 

Medal Display Hanger

I need some dish storage containers. I like this one! 

The Container Store

This one could work too.. I need one set for Christmas China and another for my Fine China.

I need something like this for my bathroom drawers… I can’t decide between acrylic or bamboo though.. Do you have any? What’s your favorite?

The Container Store

I love my Brooks Ravennas 2. Size 8.

You know I love a good Running Skirt!

I wouldn’t turn down this Running Skirt either.. Size 3. Or that sweet black one they have.

Of course, iTunes Gift cards are always welcome for purchases or books, music, tv shows and movies. :) Subscriptions to Runners World and Women’s Health are always good ideas too.













Best Weekend Ever. Sort of.

This weekend was pretty incredible. I’m not gonna lie. I got my hairs did by my favorite hair gal in Tuscaloosa. We went to go see Breaking Dawn (awesome. I loved it. Amazing. Don’t judge.) Dinner at my favorite Japanese restaurant, Bento.

We weren’t tailgating so we weren’t in any hurry to do anything and J told me I could sleep in until whenever. Whenever turned out to be 6:45. Stupid internal mom alarm clock.

We went down to the stadium and Mark Ingram was signing autographs.. he told us we were welcome to come stay at his house in New Orleans in January. Sweet. 

I also met Devin from that show Sweet Home Alabama on CMT. I told her she should have picked Tribble. Not really. I honestly was petrified to talk to her. I am a dork. 

The game wasn’t the huge win we wanted, but we will take it with all the other teams that lost. P.S. If you are a Georgia Southern fan- you were not represented well in our section. I am not a fan of fans who just try to make the people around them mad.

We also celebrated my step-mom’s birthday that was Saturday. Yummy Styx.

I enjoyed my weekend. It had all of my favorite things. Shopping. Target. Bento. New hairs. Breaking Dawn. Football. Running. Awesome family time.



Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

The winner of the Pure Awesomeness giveaway is… 

Meg O!!  Please e-mail me at Congrats, lady!!


Ruben Studdard Half Marathon Review


Before I begin on our fun filled weekend, I thought I would give you the 411 on the Ruben Studdard Half.

This was an inaugural event so, I didn’t have high expectations for it. The Expo was at the Birmingham Museum of Art– pretty cool place. But, it wasn’t really an Expo, it was more like a packet pick up. No vendors. Parking wasn’t a problem. I think they said around 800 runners ran the half and they did a 5K and a fun run around Linn Park.

The course? It was kind of awful. I think that this has the potential to be an awesome race.. it’s a fundraiser for the Musical Arts programs and they could do bands or groups or school choirs at different parts around the course.. otherwise, it’s boring and you are running in a not so fabulous area of town.

I am just going to tell you.. I got super nervous for this race. Savannah seemed like so long ago (WHAT?!) and I was unsure of my abilities. I really hate failure, people.

Anyway, the course started towards Legion Field and I started out WAY too fast. Mile 1 was ran in 8:43. I have never in my life, ran a mile that fast. I reeled it back in, Mile 2 was 10:46. I passed the first water station and me being me, had my phone in my hand and looked down at it, and tripped over a patch in the road. I caught myself before completely tumbling, letting the Otterbox take the brunt of the force. It held up nicely. I, of course, flashed everyone behind me when my skirt came up. Whoops. Anyway,  I was mentally a mess. All over the place. Trying to keep myself in good spirits. I was getting sick and trying not to let that bother me. As we were rounding out through a serious sketch part of town, I am just going to tell you, that the ghetto, has NO road budget. I was going down a slight hill, and tripped over a crack in the road and completely lost it. I barrel rolled at least once, if not twice down that stupid hill. I was in shock. I tried to survey the damage. My hand and knee were bleeding. I checked to make sure I didn’t rip my skirt.. nope. It came up as I fell and I had some nice road rash on my hip. My pride.. was pretty battered. A girl heard me fall.. (yep. That’s what she told me) and came to my rescue. I was so embarrassed. But also? A little disappointed there would be no video evidence, since I love when people fall. I even YouTubed clips to try to show you what I looked it, but I couldn’t find what I was looking for. Sads for you.

I knew we had an aid station coming up around mile 4.5 (Yep. I wasn’t even half way finished). I stopped and asked for a band aid. This guy, whips a band aid out of his pocket, and pours Powerade in my wound to clean it. In the process, he pours Powerade all in my Garmin and it quits working. Thanks, yo! Then puts a band aid on my dripping wet hand. Yep. It didn’t stay. 

The course continued through more boring parts of downtown, with zero spectators, except for my Dad, Karen, and two adorable little red heads. Oh wait. Black Girls Run had an extra water station for us (THANK YOU!) and Lululemon had some of their awesome peeps out with their signs. I hit the 10 mile mark at 2:02 and basically fell apart. My quads were over it. I needed band aids and mentally, I was DONE. The fall may have helped me get my perspective where it needed to be (JUST FINISH!) Ashley came back and found me and ran/walked with me the last 2 1/2 miles and I’ll be honest, I probably would have just walked the rest of it if it weren’t for her. She helped push me and tell me what was up ahead.

I will say this.. My name got called over the loud speaker.. of course, I was the only person coming through the finishers shoot, but who cares?!

Addison asked me if maybe when she was 7 if she could run with me. I told her she could run with me anytime. 

My boo boos. I won’t show you the road rash on my hip. But I will say, I am still pretty banged up. My legs aren’t that sore. I am able to walk around like a normal person, so maybe my body remembers what it’s like to recover. I’m going to have some gnarly bruises though. Battle wounds, some would say. Becca told me I was making memories on the course. Either way, I’ll take it. Half marathon #4 done. 2nd in 2 weeks. 1st fall. Definitely a runner now.

I think this race has some great potential, but I am not sure I would run it again. It was not flat, like the website said. It needs more aid stations and course entertainment. The bling was nice. You know, I am all about the bling. Finish time 2:46. Not the sub 2:40, I wanted, but with two falls, I will take it and not complain.

P.S. Apologies on the different picture sizes.. still trying to figure all that out.








Lucky or Crazy?

Some time last week, my friend Ashley and I were discussing our next races on the Twitter. I told her I was sort of, maybe, kinda interested in the Ruben Studdard Run, but I didn’t want to pay the entry fee of $70. It falls on a Sunday, after an Alabama home game that we weren’t tailgating for. Sometime during the night, a nice man tweeted me and said that Fleet Feet Sports in Birmingham had been doing giveaway entry fee contests for the race. He informed me in the morning that they were doing one right then so I should enter. It was a Twitter contest.. if anyone knows Twitter, it’s this gal, so I tweeted my “RUN RUBEN” to Fleet Feet and low and behold, I won TWO race bib entries for the race. SWEET!! So, I was getting my wish of running it for free. I offered the other bib to Ashley. So here it is, I will running my 4th (FOURTH? How did THAT happen?!) 15 days after my 3rd that was in Savannah.

I’ve been taking it easy since Savannah, running, but just recovery runs. Nothing major. It takes one day per mile that you raced for your body to recover, so I should be good today. My calves have been feeling a little on the tight side. Not sore or anything, just tight feeling. I took a couple of days off and have been trying to stretch good.

I would like to say that I have no time goals for this race, that I just want to finish. But it’s me. So, I do have a time goal. I want to finish in 2:40 or under. Nothing fancy, just somewhat close to what I did in Savannah. Although, I won’t have my buddies Kelsie or Lindsey with me for moral support.

It’s been pretty cold in the mornings this week, so I am a little lost for what to wear… Of course a skirt, but long sleeve shirt? Short sleeve with gloves? It doesn’t look like it is a corral start, so I am thinking I can just walk up and join the start line whenever it’s time to start. I have a feeling I’m going to be alone in my thoughts on the roads of downtown Birmingham.

This race will also secure my membership to the Half Fanatics. I realize that this might make me a crazy person to most people. Running two half marathons in two weeks is just not normal. But it’s something I want to do and am pretty pumped about attempting it. Don’t think I won’t put a sign on my shirt that says “Second Half Marathon in Two Weeks” Because I am.

Now, what should I wear?? I have a hot pink running skirt, that is a must to wear.

Don’t forget to enter my giveaway.. Today is the LAST Day!

Oh and in case you weren’t a TRUE stalker, I’ve been at my sisters this week, helping her out. She’s got some sort of Big News. Read about it HERE!

The Pro game that almost was…

In case you haven’t read my 30 by 30 list, one of the things on it, is to go to a Pro football game. This weekend, the New Orleans Saints and the Atlanta Falcons were playing in Atlanta and we thought it would be a good idea to go over to the game and watch it, since Mark Ingram and Roman Harper play for the Saints and Julio Jones plays for the Falcons. We went over with the assumption that we could just buy tickets outside of the gate. Kyle and Ashley went with us. Anyway, the first scalper we saw on the side of the road as we were attempting to park. We asked him how much for 4 tickets. He said he had 50 yard line seats- 4 for $1,000. Say WHAT?!? No thank you, kind sir.

We park.. after going down the wrong way on the one way street- whatevs. That’s how we roll. As we walk towards the stadium, I quickly realize I have never seen anything like what was around me. It was like a giant party. One that’s loud and makes you uncomfortable. At least for me, since I don’t do well with large crowds- I know, I know. I go to Alabama games all the time, but it’s different. The Georgia Dome is already confusing and when you feel out of place somewhere, it only heightens my sense of impending panic.

We wanted to check the ticket window and see if there were any tickets left and there were not, but we found that everyone else in that line had been sold counterfeit tickets and the lady at the window told us not to buy any tickets from people on the street. YIKES. Talk about taking the wind out of your sails. We also saw the security line and people were being patted down before entering the stadium. Something else I’m not used to. The security at ‘Bama games barely look in my purse!

While the people watching was insane.. (seriously, Saints fans, y’all take the cake on how to dress for a football game!) we decided to walk over to Taco Mac and eat some lunch and then go over to Ikea and H&M. There were a lot of people watching the game inside Taco Mac and I have to say this, and I mean it in no disrespect at all, but those black women know their football! I wish you could have seen it! If they made a good play, they would get up and dance around for a little bit and then just sit down. I was in awe. Listening to them discuss the game was like listening to my husband and I was super impressed.

We headed next to one of my favorite places in the whole wide world, Ikea. Ashley and Kyle had never been and I think were little overwhelmed with just how giant it was!

We saw the latest fashion trend.. panty hose as pants. Yep. Ladies, this is NOT OKAY. I have zero desire to see your underwear through panty hose.

We thought maybe it was a one time thing, but nope, saw it again in H&M and that girl was sporting a lovely lime green thong. Ladies, let’s buy some real pants, Mkay?

While, I may not have gotten to cross see a pro game off my bucket list, I think we all had a great time and I am already trying to plan my next trip to go back to Atlanta. *Sigh* Why can’t Nashville get an Ikea, H&M, and a Container Store? It’s so much closer to us than Atlanta.



GIVEAWAY!!! Pure Awesomeness.

I’m doing a giveaway.. because I love all my blog readers! It’s kind of a hodge podge of things that I am loving at the moment…

I’ve been saving this for when my new blog went live.

Here is what it includes.. a sparkly houndstooth scarf, houndstooth twisty earrings, my favorite shade of Essie polish right now- Chinchilly and a Chica Band. 

Entering is SIMPLE. Follow my blog. Leave me a comment saying so. If you want an extra entry, tweet it and then leave me a comment. If you want TWO extra entries.. blog about it and then leave me the link.

I will close the contest on Friday. You can come back each day and enter. If you want to tweet it everyday, be my guest, just be sure to leave a comment saying you did!

Here is an example of a tweet: @Runinhighheels is doing an awesome giveaway!

Good Luck everyone and I hope you like me it!



Savannah Trip Recap



So as you all know, I had a BLAST in Savannah.. Seriously. Kelsie can take trips with me anytime. Friday we got up before the chickens (4 AM) and Kelsie was coming to my house to leave around 5.. welp. She locked her keys in her car. Her mom brought her a spare and I just drove into town and picked her up. The trip down was pretty uneventful… minus bathroom trips, getting turned around once in Macon (I am directionally challenged), and getting stuck behind a giant BOAT on I-16.. yep. It took up one and a half lanes.

We got to the hotel and relaxed and changed clothes and then headed to the expo.. not a fun experience, but I feel certain they will change that next year! We met our Race and Relax group at The Chart House for dinner. Some of these lovely ladies were a part of my Disney group as well!

Our dinner was delicious.. although next time I should ask for a more detailed dinner description, since I ordered the Chicken Primavara and it came with mushrooms AND english peas, which if you know me in real life, I despise those two foods. So I just ate around them. We had great conversation and hearing about everyone’s running journeys was so amazing. AND THEN….JOHN BINGHAM showed up and gave us a pep-talk!! It was so amazing to be in the presence of such an inspiring person! 

After the race we had access to the VIP Tent (HOLLA!!) and it was so awesome.. delicious food and most importantly, mimosa’s.

After the race, we had a lunch date at The Pirate House and none of us were able to go back to shower, so we had to go in our sweaty clothes. Lorraine had some amazing goodies waiting for us!! Personalized Sports ID bands, SPIBelts and my favorite.. WINE!

After lunch, we went back and showered and got dressed and were going to the Station House to watch the Alabama/LSU game since that’s where the Savannah Bama Alum watch it, but let’s just say it was NOT a pleasant experience. I can’t give you a review of the food, since I never got mine and the service was terrible. I will not be going back.. let’s just say, our entire table’s -Kelsie, Lindsey, and myself’s- dinner was comped. THAT bad. We left at half-time of the game and settled in our room to finish watching the devastation. :(

I had SUCH an amazing time.. I didn’t want the weekend to end. I get to mark one more thing off my 30 by 30 list.. a GIRLS WEEKEND. I want them more often, too! :)

A HUGE Thank you to our sponsors for such a fantastic weekend: DetermiNation, GoSport ID bracelets, Degree women, The Wine Sisterhood, Chica Bands, Attune Foods and MANY More!!

Our Race and Relax group consisted of Sonja, Lindsey, Kelsie, Renee, Yvette,Shannon, Darlene, Doretha, Pam, Sara, Nadia, Kimberly, Nicole, Christie, and Tarryn– thank you so much for such awesome company and support throughout the weekend!


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