November 22, 2011

Ruben Studdard Half Marathon Review


Before I begin on our fun filled weekend, I thought I would give you the 411 on the Ruben Studdard Half.

This was an inaugural event so, I didn’t have high expectations for it. The Expo was at the Birmingham Museum of Art– pretty cool place. But, it wasn’t really an Expo, it was more like a packet pick up. No vendors. Parking wasn’t a problem. I think they said around 800 runners ran the half and they did a 5K and a fun run around Linn Park.

The course? It was kind of awful. I think that this has the potential to be an awesome race.. it’s a fundraiser for the Musical Arts programs and they could do bands or groups or school choirs at different parts around the course.. otherwise, it’s boring and you are running in a not so fabulous area of town.

I am just going to tell you.. I got super nervous for this race. Savannah seemed like so long ago (WHAT?!) and I was unsure of my abilities. I really hate failure, people.

Anyway, the course started towards Legion Field and I started out WAY too fast. Mile 1 was ran in 8:43. I have never in my life, ran a mile that fast. I reeled it back in, Mile 2 was 10:46. I passed the first water station and me being me, had my phone in my hand and looked down at it, and tripped over a patch in the road. I caught myself before completely tumbling, letting the Otterbox take the brunt of the force. It held up nicely. I, of course, flashed everyone behind me when my skirt came up. Whoops. Anyway,  I was mentally a mess. All over the place. Trying to keep myself in good spirits. I was getting sick and trying not to let that bother me. As we were rounding out through a serious sketch part of town, I am just going to tell you, that the ghetto, has NO road budget. I was going down a slight hill, and tripped over a crack in the road and completely lost it. I barrel rolled at least once, if not twice down that stupid hill. I was in shock. I tried to survey the damage. My hand and knee were bleeding. I checked to make sure I didn’t rip my skirt.. nope. It came up as I fell and I had some nice road rash on my hip. My pride.. was pretty battered. A girl heard me fall.. (yep. That’s what she told me) and came to my rescue. I was so embarrassed. But also? A little disappointed there would be no video evidence, since I love when people fall. I even YouTubed clips to try to show you what I looked it, but I couldn’t find what I was looking for. Sads for you.

I knew we had an aid station coming up around mile 4.5 (Yep. I wasn’t even half way finished). I stopped and asked for a band aid. This guy, whips a band aid out of his pocket, and pours Powerade in my wound to clean it. In the process, he pours Powerade all in my Garmin and it quits working. Thanks, yo! Then puts a band aid on my dripping wet hand. Yep. It didn’t stay. 

The course continued through more boring parts of downtown, with zero spectators, except for my Dad, Karen, and two adorable little red heads. Oh wait. Black Girls Run had an extra water station for us (THANK YOU!) and Lululemon had some of their awesome peeps out with their signs. I hit the 10 mile mark at 2:02 and basically fell apart. My quads were over it. I needed band aids and mentally, I was DONE. The fall may have helped me get my perspective where it needed to be (JUST FINISH!) Ashley came back and found me and ran/walked with me the last 2 1/2 miles and I’ll be honest, I probably would have just walked the rest of it if it weren’t for her. She helped push me and tell me what was up ahead.

I will say this.. My name got called over the loud speaker.. of course, I was the only person coming through the finishers shoot, but who cares?!

Addison asked me if maybe when she was 7 if she could run with me. I told her she could run with me anytime. 

My boo boos. I won’t show you the road rash on my hip. But I will say, I am still pretty banged up. My legs aren’t that sore. I am able to walk around like a normal person, so maybe my body remembers what it’s like to recover. I’m going to have some gnarly bruises though. Battle wounds, some would say. Becca told me I was making memories on the course. Either way, I’ll take it. Half marathon #4 done. 2nd in 2 weeks. 1st fall. Definitely a runner now.

I think this race has some great potential, but I am not sure I would run it again. It was not flat, like the website said. It needs more aid stations and course entertainment. The bling was nice. You know, I am all about the bling. Finish time 2:46. Not the sub 2:40, I wanted, but with two falls, I will take it and not complain.

P.S. Apologies on the different picture sizes.. still trying to figure all that out.








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  1. Sorry about the rough race, but you have the cutest little redheads I’ve ever seen! =)

  2. Ouch! That looks painful. Great run though! I would have stopped after the first fall and never started back up!

  3. So proud of you!! I love the pic of you giving the I love you sign- so sweet! Congrats again!

  4. Well, shoot that stinks but I am super proud of you for pushing through and finishing it! Your girls are too cute!

  5. So sorry about the falls. But look at the bright side, that first mile was wicked fast.

    Plan to have your plan for you next week. Sorry for the delay!

  6. You are a rockstar! You finished even though the course tried to take you out. That’s some serious dedication. Congrats on the finish. 2 half marathons in 2 weeks is amazing!

  7. I’m so sorry about your fall, but you really seemed to hold it together so well to be your second half so soon after! Congrats on that. And your girls are so adorable in that picture. And for Addison to ask you if she could run with you? That’s so fun! I hope when I have kids they want to run with me as well!!

  8. Ok… First, I love that you run! I can’t wait to have my baby so I can get running again!

    Second, I love that you fell… and admitted it! I fell once while running and when I told my husband, I don’t think he was laughing hard enough! We have a trail here called The Monon that everyone runs, bikes, walks, etc on and I was running with our dog who tangled me up somehow and before I knew it, I was down. It was probably priceless and I sometimes wish someone had it on camera! Anyways, glad you are ok! :)

    And congrats on another successful run!

  9. I apologize for being so far behind on my blogs. Um, he poured POWERADE in your open wound? How the heck is some sugary, sticky mess supposed to help? Weird.
    I, so sorry you fell! But what a hardcore girly you are for getting right back up and finishing the race! And flashing a Hook ‘em Horns at the finish! ;0)
    P.s. you looked really cute!

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