December 5, 2011

I’m Still Alive..

Hey y’all! I am still alive! This past week kind of took over my life and I am not very good with balance, apparently. With my family out of the country, I am taking care of tons of things for them, plus blogging for my sister on her adoption blog. I guess I’ve put all of my blogging efforts into hers. Moving on…

No one emailed me to claim their prize in the giveaway, so I picked another winner. 

Michelle, if you would e-mail me at runningbackwardsinhighheels[at] Please and Thank you! :)

Since I have major problems with balancing all the aspects of my life, if you have any tips they are greatly appreciated. How can I balanace running, mom, wife, photographer, small business owner, blogger, social media addict?? I dropped runner and blogger this week in lieu of cleaning my house. It felt wonderful. Plus… decorating my tree became the most stressful event ever. I blame Pinterest to fuel my perfectionist self to decorate the perfect tree. And then Hobby Lobby decided to be out of everything I fell in love with. Why, Hobby Lobby, WHY?!

Anyway, our Elf on the Shelf, Buddy showed up this week.. What’s he been up to?!

On top of normal craziness, Addy had a practice gymnastics meet this past weekend (pictures and video to come) and her first real meet is this weekend. Which means, they added an extra gymnastics practice to each week. As if, two days of 2 hours practices wasn’t enough. ;)

Awesome news ALERT.

I have been chosen to be a FitFluential Ambassador. I am super pumped. Complete with my very own page on their site.  You might see some other familiar faces in there. The company just started in April and is growing leaps and bounds. I cannot tell you how excited I am for what is coming in 2012! :) If you are interested, you can apply to be a FitFluential Ambassador HERE. Be sure to tell them who sent you! Even if you don’t blog, you can apply to be a FitFluential Enthusiast.

I also remembered I used to like to run this week and decided to hop back on that treadmill. It was nice. And it hurt. I have also starting planking every day and trying to do some push-ups… my lack of upper body strength is scary.

What have YOU been up to??



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  1. Oh my word, I am WITH YOU on the Pinterest-induced decorating stress. I fought with ribbon for an hour yesterday trying to make the perfect bow tree topper and had a breakdown Saturday night when my fresh pine garland kept falling from above the windows while I tried to hang candy canes by ribbon at the bottom of the garland. Twas stressful. Anywho, hopefully everything balances out for you soon. I’d offer advice but I can’t manage my own time and priorities. ‘Tis the season! :)

  2. i got my decorating done this weekend…. but I am with you that pinterest has given me way too many ideas that I haven’t found the time to complete. December is always so ridiculously busy! I love elf on the shelf…. I almost want to buy it now to make sure I can have it in a few years when I have kids!!

  3. You are so awesome! Also elf on the shelf really scares me

  4. Just get your stuff prepared for the Post 1/9/12 blog. We will be dancing on Bourbon Street wearing shirts that say “14”

  5. Just get your stuff prepared for the Post 1/9/12 blog. We will be dancing on Bourbon Street wearing shirts that say “14”

  6. A few things…..first, welcome back!!!! Second, I hate Google Reader but I need my dose of you so I suck it up. Third, Congrats on your FitFluential Ambassador gig!!! Oh and one more….you need to give me some photography pointers because you can make the elf look not so creepy. My pics just look scary!

    • I’m not sure how mine doesn’t look creepy.. Maybe it’s the natural light? Plus, it’s my second year trying to take pictures.. last years were scary.

  7. Okay wait…what is the deal with this elf on the shelf?! I need people to explain! I’ve seen three now but no one really explains it!!

    • It’s an elf that comes to your house to watch your kids for Santa. He flies back to The North Pole every night and comes back to a new place each morning. He gets into trouble sometimes. They can’t touch him or he loses his magic.

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