December 19, 2011

Weekend Update.


What up, y’all? I’m just playing catch up and trying to get all the things done that I need to finish up without two little redheads running around. Today is their last day of school and then they are out for Christmas break. (God help my sanity.)

Friday was the Christmas party at school and they were so stinkin’ cute. They had a special guest… 

Hands down, best Santa picture ever. I decided not to take my real camera, since it’s a lot to lug around and I never take pictures of anything.. so of course he shows up. Thank goodness for iPhones. They were pumped to see Santa. I figured Claire might freak, but as long as Addy is cool with stuff, Claire is cool. Claire asked for a baby doll and a pony (WTH? You aren’t getting that) and Addy asked for a piano with play make up (Nope. You had one. I threw it out because y’all fought over it.). So, looks like there’s no need for Santa stop by our house. ;)

Addy opening her golden book present. Such a cutie.

The weekend was pretty mellow. It was probably the first weekend in a long time that we didn’t have something pressing for Saturday, so we lounged and took it easy. I hit up the gym and started some squats.. my legs are still sore and more sore than after Savannah. (All I want for Christmas is some leg muscle.)

Saturday night, we went to dinner and while discussing my clothing options with Becca (what? you don’t make every outfit choice based on what your friend says?), she said something about a brown sweater she had seen in my closet. Which prompted me to tear though the dry cleaners laundry basket.. and I found shirts I had forgotten existed. And tons of clothes I forgot about. And about a billion dress shirts of John’s. So, I had to clean it up Sunday, which prompted me to be all, “We don’t need to send every one of these items to the cleaners! I can wash and iron most of it!”. Word of advice? Don’t make such rash decisions. After two hours of ironing this morning, I hope John never has to wear one of those dress shirts ever again. 

We also cleaned out the garage so I can park in it again. It’s the little things! J came home for lunch and also informed me that his work Christmas party is tomorrow night and what could we bring? Umm…

That probably sparked one of these looks…

I am off to go run and prepare myself mentally for Addy’s gymnastics Christmas party that is at the indoor pool at the gym… God help us all.

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  1. Indoor pool in December …why not? OK so the girls look so cute in their Christmas pics!

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