December 20, 2011

This needs to be addressed.

It has been brought to my attention that several people think that this little girl look like Addison. 

Maggie Elizabeth Jones.

The little girl in that new Matt Damon movie, “We bought a Zoo”. I totally see it.

But, I’m going to be honest… I can’t be a fan of someone who looks so much like my daughter and is famous. I should get copyright infringement on my DNA or something. I mean, someone obviously took mine and J’s DNA when we were sleeping and made an Addison clone. It’s irrelevant that she is two years older. She is probably lying about her age anyway. You know that’s how they roll in Hollywood. 

I mean, for real. Stop looking like my kid. She should be the famous one in movies with Matt Damon. 





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  1. Oh my! They do look alike! And Addison could totally be in movies. I vote she is way cuter. :-)

  2. I definitely see the resemblance… and by the way… you crack me up!

  3. That’s crazy! I do prefer Addison, though:) She’s a DOLL!

  4. Another vote for Addison. Her hair and eye color are by far prettier!

  5. honestly…addison is a lot cuter. like, not even a real comparison.

  6. Addison is meant for the big screen! (And I venture to say she has the attitude to back it up too!)

  7. 1. A is WAY more adorable.
    2. I’m pretty sure she’s your clone. I see no J in there anywhere.
    3. I was sitting at the midnight premier of Breaking Dawn when I saw the preview & came so close to texting you about the preview of the Zoo movie. And then I realized you would never speak to me again for texting you after 10pm.

  8. lol…doppleganger! They look identical! That is crazy! Nonetheless, she is beautiful!

  9. Wow! They could be twins!!

  10. Maggie is so much cuttier though !!! They only look slightly alike……. many other people look like maggie. Are you jealous ??

  11. Maggie is a lot prettier, she has beautiful eyes and curls. Stop being jealous

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