January 5, 2012

Shipping FAIL

As I run around like a crazy person this week preparing for Claire’s birthday party that is Saturday, I have to also think about Monday, when we leave for New Orleans. Last week, I ordered Claire’s presents from Disney and I ordered some clothes for New Orleans from Forever 21. I ordered them the same day. I am obsessed with tracking my packages and as soon as I get the e-mails that they have shipped I start tracking them. I noticed yesterday that the Forever 21 order won’t be delivered until Tuesday, January 10th.

Umm… what? That’s not going to do me any good.

I called Forever 21 where the guy spun me some story about how I ordered it on Friday and it didn’t get processed that day and then Monday was a holiday (No it wasn’t, please don’t lie to me.) and that I have the option of tracking the package and when it gets to my local facility, I can call them and ask them to hold it and go pick it up.. Yeah. I’ll just get right on that. But while I was on the phone with the Forever 21 idiot, my door bell rings. My Disney package that I ordered the same day as Forever 21, has arrived on my doorstep. Hmm… Disney had it together to get my stuff shipped out, why couldn’t F21? I guess I should say the obvious answer is look how these two companies do customer service and brand management. I think that’s a post for another day. Seeing as how F21 is always getting busted for sweat shop and child labor laws, as well as suing peeps who talk about their clothes on the Internet, while Disney does everything to ensure you have a magical time in their parks and their customer service is out of this world. I guess that’s the price you pay…

Anyway, so now I am faced with finding an outfit for the game. Could I wear something I already own? Sure. Do I want to? No way. I want something new. This is the championship and I want something sparkly.. like a crystal trophy.

I saw this at Anthropologie, but I think $98 for a top is way out of my price range. Even though it’d be perfect!!! 

I also just thought to check on Claire’s outfit that I ordered, and I 3 day shipped that and it’s going to be delivered on Monday. *sigh*

I guess there will be a lot of naked people running around this weekend.

Or it looks like a trip to Birmingham just became extremely important for tomorrow.


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  1. Ugh! Good to know about G21. That red/white shirt is SO cute – pricey – but SO cute!

  2. Cute shirt, but definitely a little pricey. Like my entire “miscellaneous” budget for a month ;)

    The shipping stuff sucks :( sorry, friend!

  3. So frustrating! Are there stores around you where you could buy the items and then just return the Disney/F21 outfits once they’re delivered? Also, lov-ing that top! My word… so cute :)

  4. That stink! Hope you can find something. A championship game is definitely worthy of a new outfit!

    Finally got your new blog address updated so I can keep up with your posts now! :)

  5. I could never pay that much for a top but that is really cute!

  6. That top is gorg! I don’t know if I could pay that though! Don’t tell me bad stuff about F21! I will have to quit shopping there and then I’ll be going around naked!

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