February 7, 2012

Training Tuesdays

I thought about instilling a Training Tuesdays just to keep note with what is going on with my training lately. Feel free to let me know how any training or new workout program is going for you! We may need to get a snap cup for some of you! 

I got some new shoes this week and they couldn’t have come soon enough. I guess they are retiring my Brooks Ravenna 2’s, so I was able to score them on a deal from Amazon.

I was a terrible runner this past week.

I was knee deep in business taxes and those are 4 days I will never get back. I was so stressed that I couldn’t even muster up the energy to run. So, I ran Monday and Friday. Friday, I felt so good, I did some kettle bell squats and hip thrust things. I went up on my weights to an 18 lb kettle bell and I was so pumped. It hurt but I was proud. I was going to wake up early and get my long run done on Saturday, and I got to the gym by 7:15. I started to run and realized, my legs weren’t where my mind was, and after 2 agonizing miles, I called it quits. I was so mad at myself for making such a stupid training mistake the night before. Why did I think it was a good idea to not only, work out with weights, but also go up?

My hamstrings are still tight, but I plan to get back on the saddle again this week and not miss a run.. No matter how I have to swing it.

I really need to start making myself run outside. It’s going to kill me in a month if I don’t. Who wants to be my running buddy?

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  1. Oh my – the snap cup is one of my most favorite things ever – best movie scene!! I give snaps to people all the time and mostly, they look at me like I’m nuts. Glad someone else appreciates it as much as I do!

  2. I wish we lived closer and could run together!

  3. Since my 3rd half marathon in December, I have totally slacked on the running! I hurt my knee so I needed some rest time, but then the holidays came along and now the excuses come so fast! I have to get my butt in gear. Reading about someone else putting in all the miles makes me want to stick with it, so thanks! :)

  4. Wow! 18 pounds is amazing!! Congratulations that’s really exciting!

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