February 13, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up…

My weekend started extremely early Saturday, by leaving my house by 6:45 to drive 2 hours for Addy’s gymnastics meet.

Good thing she is cute.

I will say, I think this weekend was a valuable competition lesson. She doesn’t bring her A game for competitions. She was thrown into an age group that contained both 5 and 6 year olds and this was a first for her. She didn’t earn a red or a blue ribbon. She came in consistently in 5th place. Which, is fine with me, as long as she is trying her best. But, she isn’t. 

They gave out special sashes and flowers to the girls who scored the highest on each event.. Addy (and the rest of her team) were pretty upset about not getting this. Philly and I discussed the night before how I thought Addy would finally “get” that it was a competition when she didn’t receive a blue or red ribbon. I think I was right. She has been wanting me to watch her cart wheels all weekend for pointed toes and straight legs.

I hurried back for a much anticipated date with Becca to see this:

Let’s not even talk about how mad I am at the ending. It’s total crap and made me hate the movie.

It needed more of Channing with his shirt off.

Side Note.

Have we talked about this?

Source: imgfave.com via Rachel on Pinterest

I didn’t think so.

It rocks my face off. You need to read it. Katniss is a way better character than Bella.

I started re-reading the series this weekend.. it’s amazing.

Moving on…

Did y’all watch the Grammy’s last night?

Where are these people’s stylists??!?!

The dress, I can live with. Not the blue hair. No honey, just…. no. 

Fergie, I believe you left the rest of your dress at home. 

No.. just… no. 

Also.. I find this hilarious. I do not know why.

What did you think of the Grammy’s?

Have you read the Hunger Games? I can’t wait until March 23rd.

What did you think of The Vow? I’m still mad to think about it.

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  1. Maybe I am the minority but I loved the movie. Maybe cause I read the story and a lot about it years ago and I kind of knew she wouldn’t get her memory back and they would have to start over. Totes excited for Hunger Games!!!

  2. The Vow was based in a true story and I know how that ends, so I think I’ll be okay with it :) I am so excited about The Hunger Games!!

  3. Soooo should I see The Vow or not?! I have it scheduled for this weekend. DVR’d the Grammy’s last night then went to bed at 9:30. Maybe if I have some energy today I will be able to sit through it tonight. I read all the twitter comments last night so I’m DYING now! :-)

  4. I am beyond excited for the Hunger Games. I’ve been ready since I finished the 3rd book & they announced they were making the movie.
    I FINALLY got Drew to read the book & he’s addicted. I promised if he read them & loved them, I’d take him to the midnight premier. Looks like I have myself a date : )

    • Midnight showing? I think I am too old for those. All those kids get on my nerves. I’ll wait until the next day and go see it at a matinee. PLUS, It really chaps me that they charge more for a midnight show.

  5. I’m counting down the days until 3/23!! I cannot wait to see the movie. I couldn’t agree with you more about Katniss being a WAY better character than Bella.

  6. I adore Hunger Games! I cannot wait until the movie. Me and all the teeny boppers will be there in full force. And you’re such a good mom being so encouraging of Addy. I guess sometimes it takes tough lessons to get kids to understand things. :)

  7. I still want to see the vow even if you hated it! I love me a good tear jerker. Guess I should jump on the hunger games bandwagon. Addy is too adorable. Cooper has told everyone that he talked on the computer phone to Rachel’s girl. :)

  8. So, as you can see I am behind in your blog reading, but so glad my video made an appearance on here! LOL!!! The fact that you found it funny like me is proof that we are friends for a good reason!! Love ya!

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