February 14, 2012

Training Tuesdays

I get these amazing comments, e-mails, friends that stop me and tell me what a great motivator I am. And that makes me happy, because I love nothing more than for people to go after their dreams. I love to look at your success and happiness and know that along the way I gave you some encouragement. Not everyone gets that, and running is an amazing sport. Not a lot of people understand distance runners and question why they do it.

But… I am failing y’all. So, I’m gonna need some of that motivation back.

I ran 8 miles TOTAL last week. I know.. stress, stress, stress. I will share with you as soon as I can, but we are deciding some life changes over here and it is doing nothing but stressing this gal out. Seriously, all I did was cry Wednesday.

Anyway, I was all set to run 10 miles on Sunday after my niece’s birthday party and I got to the gym (Yes, I would rather run 10 miles on a treadmill than run 1 mile outside by myself) and I couldn’t make myself get into it. My earbuds kept shocking my ears while I was trying to watch Arrested Development on the iPad. So I switched to my iPod. And it died. WTF Apple Products?!?! I buy you because you are superior- don’t let me down on my long runs. So, I forced 3 miles and went home.

Ever had those periods of time where you feel so overwhelmed from stress and life that you can’t shut your mind off for a run? That’s me right now. The funk is lifting. And I am wondering if I need to switch up my routine. Maybe run outside or try to go to the gym at a different time?

How do you re-motivate yourself after a funk?

Also, I should wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day. I don’t really care for the holiday because it’s the anniversary of my Paw Paw’s death. I hope you guys have a wonderful day though! :)

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  1. sometimes it is really hard to get the motivation. Is there a running group you can join? I can’t remember are you scheduled for a race soon? That always keeps me motivated. right now I am in. A huge funk as I am not allowed to run. I had IUI last Friday. no bouncing…so I have now been removed from yoga, biking and now running. .so I am begging everyone I know that runs to run for me. I can also tell you about my friend, who lost 115 pounds through weight watchers and discovered that she loves to run. She actually ran her first marathon last year. AMAZING!

    Valentine’s Day has always been one of my favorites…this year not so much. Jeff is out of town and today would have been my due date..so I am blue instead of red.

    Chin Up, Tits Out!

  2. Don’t worry girl. It will be back. I get into those funks all the time. Recruit you a friend! That’s what I did when I was dreading my 10 on Sunday. It went by so much faster! And I always tell myself when I’m in a mood like that that I will only regret my workout tomorrow if I don’t do it!
    Drink some wine and don’t stress too much. Changes are hard. I know. The last 7 years have been nothing but changes for us. Roll with the punches. You’ll be fine. :-)

  3. I’m feeling the same way rightnow. Sorry you’re feeling this way, but I only ran 10 (Sunday-Saturday). You ARE inspiring, and just because you’re having an off week, it doess’nt mean anything!

    p.s. I’ve been praying for you!

  4. Aww, I’m sorry you’re having a rough time right now. Just keep at it. Maybe try mixing things up a bit– Grab a friend, listen to a fun audio book, etc. We all go through phases. I know things will work out for you! Chin up!

  5. I get in those funks A LOT. The last half marathon I ran, I pretty much didn’t train the two months before I ran it. You know what, I still had a ton of fun running it. Try a cardio class to get you out of the funk.

  6. Oh the funk shall pass. In 4 weeks we will be running together!! Yeehaw!

  7. When I am lacking the motivation, I just do what I can. Something is always better than nothing. I also try to change it up, whether it be where I run, the music I listen to, the speed, etc. Have you done any cross-training? I love spinning when I don’t feel like running!

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