February 21, 2012

Training Tuesday

3 and a half weeks.

That’s how long it is until RNR DC.

Not long at all. I have yet to complete a 10 mile run. I know I can cross the finish line, but mentally I am not in the game.

Maybe it’s too many other factors– stress, family, seasonal depression, feelings of inadequacy.

You know once you get into a funk, it’s really hard to shake it. I keep letting these other factors affect me and my desire to run.

Everyone has been leaving comments, emails, and texts with ideas and love on my running. It’s so nice to hear.

I do know, that DC is going to hurt. It will not feel good to cross that finish line and attempt to walk around. Why? Because I’m haven’t been putting in the training. If I run a sub 2:30, it’ll be a miracle of God.

I know what I need. Some cross training. A run outside. A new playlist.

I also have no idea what I am wearing… any ideas? I wish I could find a pink and green St Patty’s Day shirt to run in.

So. I need ideas for my outfit. I’m thinking my Lululemon crops.

And your current favorite running songs.

And someone to come to Alabama and force me to run outside. I really really really loathe running outside by myself. The sidewalks randomly end around here and add some extremely questionable driving skills of others, it’s bad news bears.

So, as I am re-reading this post, it’s makes it sound as if I am on a ledge about to jump.. Trust me. I am not. I may or may not be sitting on my couch at 3:30 in the afternoon in my pajamas.

My goal is to get up and go run at 5 in the morning and Thursday morning and run in Nashville Friday. THEN, come home and run Sunday too. I guess that means, I can’t stay up until 11 watching The Vampire Diaries tonight. 

Sad Panda.

Also.. How true is this?

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  1. Ummm the Hunger Games thing is fabulous. The tv ad is scandalous! And I am totally with you on the running rut. I’ve been meaning to blog about it. Blah. Pink and green would be cute. And I’m pretty sure I’m going to die in DC.

  2. I don’t know what kind of songs u like to run to but I prefer some girl power tunes….One that has been a fave on my running playlist for some time now is “pretty girl rock” by Keri Hilson

  3. Target had some really fun St. Patty’s tall socks this weekend. I so wished I had signed up for our Shamrock Run so I could where them :)

    I’ve been listening to a lot of Spanish language music lately (I have no clue what the words mean) “Pagate Mas” has a really fun beat. I also like LMFAO “Sexy and I know it”

  4. Are you going to do the color run in nashville? I think me and a few of my friends are planning to do it. It’s just a 5k but for me that will be plenty.
    I’m bummed that TVD will be a rerun this week. LAME.
    Also, purchased The Hunger Games tickets as soon as they went on sale today. Totally psyched!!

  5. You rock, Rach! Excited to see you tomorrow. PS Love the Hunger Games…need to re-read before the movie.

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