March 15, 2012

Gymnastics… It’s a commitment.

Gymnastics.. what can I say about it?

It’s been two practices a week totally 4.5 hours every week.

It’s been entertaining myself as well as a 3 year old during those practice times.

It’s been early morning Saturday meets, in sometimes, far away places.

It’s been hundreds upon hundreds of dollars spent.

It’s been trying not to turn into a Toddler and Tiara mom when your child half ass does a competition that you have driven 2 hours one way to compete.

You know what else it’s been? It’s been a complete joy to watch my child do something that she loves and has a real natural talent for.

I know, she’s 5. But Addison’s athleticism has been present since she could walk.

We have watched her competition scores and attitude steadily decline over this Spring. It’s been hard to watch.

We had numerous talks about making sure that we do our best.

But.  We resorted to bribery to get the kid to take her competition seriously. We told her if she got one blue ribbon, she could get her ears pierced. (She’s been asking me to do it for a while.)

We talked about staying focused on our event, and remembering what we were supposed to be doing. Having straight legs and pointed toes. Showing those judges our “muscles”.

What Philly does at gymnastics meets…


What Claire does…

Her bar routine has come a long way…

Cutest booty eva. 

She is totally in her element here. 

Her team… How cute are they?!

Maybe now is where I tell you it paid off. I have never seen her so focused. I am SO SO SO SO proud of her. She ROCKED her floor routine– it’s her best one. 8.80 got her a blue ribbon!!

Chatting with Daddy about her first place in the floor routine.


Talking to Nana.. “You’re taking me to Five Guys, right? And then Yogurt Mountain?”

Now that competition season is over, they have already started working on more tricks.. She came home tonight and can do a handstand roll.. Yep. Craziness.

If they had a rotation for spunk and personality… she’d get a perfect 10 every time.

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  1. That is one cute little booty!! She did awesome! And there is no doubt that she is your child!

  2. Way to go Addison! I love that you guys told her she could pierce her ears if she got blue that’s a good way to get her to do her best!

  3. Ooh my gosh she is AO stinkin’ cute. I can’t take it!! Even from those photos, you can totally tell how much she adores what she is doing. Good for her!

  4. You can absolutely see how proud she is in her eyes. I think that is fabulous.

  5. She is super cute! She definately has the fisique for that :)

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