March 27, 2012

New Hairs?

I’m going to get my hair did on Thursday and I think I want a new ‘do. John said it was time. Although, I’m not cutting it off, like he would suggest if asked, Rebecca put the idea in my head to do bangs. Full bangs.

I don’t know if I have that in me. It’s scary.

I was thinking something along the lines of Reese Witherspoon in “This Means War”. How awesome was her hair?

 I mean, obviously, that hair style will make me as cute, charming, and sweet as Reese, right?!

Or.. full bangs a la Rachel McAdams in that crappy movie, The Vow.

I cannot make these decision alone. So I need your vote. I will be getting my red touched up (lord knows it needs it.) I’ve been contemplating starting to dye my hair myself. It really needs touching up every 4 weeks and I do not have time for that. So, if you color your own hair, let me know what you use and if you think I am capable of doing it without painting my bathroom in red hair dye.

This weekend started out promising with me working half a day on Saturday then spending an entire afternoon by myself, cleaning, organizing, and weeding the flower beds only to find out that Claire was having fly-like symptoms when they got home from Tracie’s baby shower. BURN.

She was so pitiful with her fever and lethargic-ness. But after a round of motrin on Sunday morning the fever was gone and she was back to normal, so John and I decided to go ahead and go see The Hunger Games. If you follow me on Pinterest, then you know I am a fan and have been waiting for this day for a long time. If you don’t follow me on Pinterest, then you are missing out, because I devote entire Pin Boards to fictional characters.

Anyway.. It was FREAKING AMAZING. Best book to screen adaptation I have ever seen. The acting was out of this world. And the casting was brilliant. I kept getting ticked off at the people around me who apparently had no idea what it was about and who was in it. When Haymitch made his appearance, at least 5 people around me were all, “Woody Harrelson?!?” Did these people not watch the previews before seeing a movie?

Anyway, we got back from the movie to find Claire’s fever had come back, so we ran her to Urgent Care and they informed us she had an ear infection…
again. Seriously?
Poor C is still running fever, but seems to be getting around fine, minus is the middle of the night entire house wake ups, she keeps performing.
So, Here are my questions-
Did you go see The Hunger Games? What were your thoughts?
And, please decide what I should do with my hair.  

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  1. I love both hairstyles! I think Reese’s might be easier to fix? My hair takes so much longer to style when it’s shorter. I love her bangs, too! Haven’t seen The Hunger Games. Or read the book, but as soon as my life gets a little less hectic I’m going to read it!

  2. I think Reece’s would be the easiest to deal with once you were tired of the bangs.

    And you already know how much I loved the movie.. Why do we have to wait almost 2 years for Catching Fire? So not fair.

  3. Inthink Reese’s hair is great here!

    I hope Claire will feel better soon!

  4. Haven’t seen the Hunger Games yet. A newborn is sorta messing those chances up… :) Also, I really really love Reese’s hair!

  5. LOVE Reese’s bangs. I like full bangs too by hubs HATES them. Hope Claire feels better soon!

  6. I completely agree with you about The Hunger Games!!! I LOVED it and thought they did an excellent job with the movie!! I want to go see it again.. And maybe again! :)

    And I’m really loving Reese’s hair in the photos above. I think that would be a great look for you!

  7. I think Reese’s hair/bangs!!
    LOVE the Hunger Games, I am finishing up the first book and cannot wait to see the movie!!!

  8. Reese’s hair always looks amazing. I’d be a little nervous to do full on bangs too, but the side swept bangs would look great on you!

  9. I vote for Reese’s! I’m going to see The Hunger Games this weekend! i can’t wait!

  10. Go with reeses

  11. I love the Reese style, but I do think you’d be cute with bangs:)

  12. Hi Rachel, I’m stopping over from Molly’s blog but had to comment since I’m completely in love the The Hunger Games! Loved the books. The movie? I liked it. I thought they did a great job, but I didn’t love Peeta, which sort of bummed me out a bit since I adore him in the book. I don’t know. I though Josh played him a bit weaker and not as noble…anyway, thats not to say it ruined my moviegoing experience. Generally speaking, twas excellent. :)

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