April 23, 2012

Turning 28 Rocked.

This year, I tried not to think of my birthday as a number and just as a day celebrating my awesomeness.

It worked!

My dad and Karen sent me some beautiful flowers at work, which was awesome because people would ask and then I would tell them it was my birthday and they would be all.. “Oh, a birthday! Happy Birthday! You don’t look 28!” Totally works for the self esteem. So next time you are feeling blue, just send yourself some flowers at work!

I would like to point out, this is one of the first birthdays I’ve had in a long time that I got everything I truly wanted and needed!

This is me wearing everything I got. I’m a dork. 

First off, Thursday night, I opened my presents since the girls left for the beach Friday with my Mom. 

I got that gorgeous grey purse that I asked for, but sadly, it just wasn’t big enough for my needs and I couldn’t justify the price for a purse not big enough, so John let me exchange it for this beauty.

I got money from most everyone else, so I bought myself a new running outfit. Yes, my shirt says “Like a BOSS.” 

The largest chunk of my money came from these bad boys.. I opted for these since the sunglass man and J vetoed the Pradas. I dig them.

Becca got me some Nuun. What a friend, yo!! 

As well as these flippys. Most comfortable shoes ever. I think this is becoming a birthday trend for her. A new pair of Old Navy flip flops. I also got a new robe from her that I am wearing in the above picture. It’s so soft and comfy. Everyone should have one!

This may seem odd, but I really want a pretty yard and so John got me some turf builder and a hand crank seeder… I’ve already used it and it was so easy! 

Dad and Karen got me a new Keurig.. hopefully now I won’t wake kids up with my loud coffee maker! I had an original Keurig that I actually got for my 24th birthday… I feel like my in laws got their money’s worth, no?

I got a couple of gift cards as well… and John, Robbie and Rebecca and I went to see The Lucky One on Sunday… so good. Thankfully, I was able to bite back my tears.. I didn’t need John and Robbie making fun of me for crying.

The girls are still at the beach with Mom and Bill and my sis and her gang. They are having a blast and J and I are getting some stuff done around here before they come back.

I think we need to name my new purse… what is your suggestion??

Also.. I have stopped getting the notifications through e-mail on blog comments.. anyone know how to fix that?

I am also lengthening the duration of my E-Meals giveaway… you people need to sign up!!

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  1. Love the purse!

  2. love the purse and of course the sunnies! b will be SO PROUD of your scotts!

  3. Cool Cool! Happy 28th Birthday!

  4. Lucky gal, looks like you racked up on birthday goodies. Glad you had such a wonderful day. I’m totally going to try not looking at my birthday this year as a number. Hope it works for me!!!! I’ll be a whole big 33, sheesh where does time go?

  5. Glad you had such a great birthday! I
    Love the sunglasses! I need some new ones myself!

  6. Can’t remember if I wished you a Happy Birthday so if not, here it is! LOL. Love the purse and the sunglasses. I have Coach sunglasses that I love a little more every time I wear them. Seriously, I guard them with my life. And super jealous about the Keurig. I really need one. Hope your grass turns out well. I have to say the Kentucky Blue grass used in Molly and my yard is so easy to make look good. I hate that southern grass…

  7. OMG – first of all, happy birthday – I really, really get into mine every year. Why not? Secondly, THANK YOU for reviewing eMeals! I bought a year subscription last week and this week is our first week with it. Best. thing. ever. Two busy careers and a 2 year old and I don’t have to think about dinner – I just follow directions. Awesome! I got my mom, my sister, and my brother to sign up too! And, as an aside, – Roll Tide!! National Champs in Gymnastics!

  8. Happy Birthday!! Pretty sure I need that shirt, it is totally awesome. Also, I have the same Keurig… LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Especially love that for the summer time I can brew my coffee over ice for some delicious ice coffee. Perfect!

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